liam calls bill for help

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At the airport, Liam is on the phone with Hope,matt kieran ovehear liam who is on Catalina Island, and asks what’s happening. She’s having contractions and wants him to hurry. She worries, “It’s too soon.” Liam assures her he will be there – he will find a way. Hope urges him to be careful. Liam advises her to get someone at the hotel to get her a doctor. They express their love and disconnect. Liam tells the girl on the airport desk that his wife is in labor. Kieran and Matt overhear and worry about his predicament. Liam becomes increasingly frustrated and Matt wonders if he’ll try to swim.

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At the hotel on Catalina, the concierge helps Hope with her bags; they’re going to a clinic. They arrive at the clinic, where Dr. Buckingham greets them. The concierge leaves Hope there and wishes her luck.Hope labor Reese and Hope introduce themselves. Hope explains her husband, Liam, is stuck in Los Angeles. Reese admits her as she has another contraction. Hope learns Reese is the only staff member available right now. He assures her she’s in good hands. Hope wants to update Liam but has no cell signal. She promises the baby everything will be okay. Elsewhere, Reese tells a young woman it wasn’t her fault and urges her to ‘be careful out there’. He rejoins Hope, whose contractions are intensifying as she frets that Liam won’t make it.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt remarks to Bill on the intense winds outside. Bill quips, “You better hold onto your red slippers, Dorothy.” Talk turns to Bill not wearing his sword necklace – Wyatt’s finding it hard to get used to. Bill’s determined to reinvent himself but admits it’s harder than he thought. He vows to be a better father to Wyatt, Will, and Liam. Bill takes a call from Will, and afterward, updates Wyatt that the kid is amazing. They discuss Liam, and Wyatt and Bill both express pride in him – he’ll be a great role model as a father. Just then, Liam calls and asks Bill for help to get to Catalina. He explains flights are canceled, and Hope is there alone and in labor. Bill tells Liam he’ll get him to Catalina for the birth of his daughter. He arranges for the experienced Spencer chopper pilot to pick up Liam, then updates his son – he can’t wait to meet his granddaughter.

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At the clinic, the power goes out. Reese steps out to call for help, and Hope is relieved to make contact with Liam. She cries that she’s scared, and moans as Liam grimaces on the other end of the line.

At the end of this episode, Scha Jani was memorialized. Jani was a technical crew member of B&B and Y&R who passed on.

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