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steffy liam kelly xmasAt the Forrester mansion, Steffy snaps photos of Kelly under the tree as Eric and Quinn appear. Steffy tells her the house looks great, and they’re joined by Ridge and Brooke. Hope and Liam arrive next and greet everyone. Liam takes Kelly and Steffy and Hope exchange a smile. Steffy notes pretty soon they’ll be celebrating Hope and Liam’s daughter’s first Christmas as one loving family.

Later, after the Avants, Zoe, Donna, Katie and Thorne have arrived at the Forrester mansion. Maya updates the family that she spoke to Rick. Vivienne knows she’s going through a lot but is glad she and Lizzie are home for Christmas. Nearby, Ridge teases Thorne,avants hope liam xmas wearing a green suit, for looking like an elf. Next, Bridget arrives to surprise Eric and Brooke, who gushes it’s the best Christmas present ever. Bridget’s admiring Hope’s baby bump when Sally and Wyatt enter. Wyatt delights Quinn with chocolate covered cherries. Zoe and Xander share a private moment and a kiss. The Logan girls gather and discuss Pam not believing they can cook. Eric welcomes everyone and extends the blessings of the season.

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In the Forrester kitchen, Donna helps Pam,quinn wyatt sally xmas who declares she saved Christmas. Donna enthuses that it’s a Christmas miracle. In the living room, Liam jokes with Wyatt, and Eric and Quinn watch Xander and Zoe canoodling. Eric muses, “To be young again.” Soon, Hope calls for everyone’s attention – she and Liam have an announcement to make – the baby will be named after Grandma. Brooke is moved as Hope indicates her bump and says, “This is Beth.” Ridge makes a speech about how lucky he is to have Steffy and Brooke in his life and hugs them both. Katie video chats with Will, who is with Bill, who got him everything he asked for.

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hope brooke bridget xmasStill gathered in the Forrester living room, everyone expresses what they feel blessed for at Christmas. Eric feels it’s important to remember all the blessings they have in their lives, big and small. Everyone says, “Cheers!” as they toast. After Xander reads a passage, Eric speaks on what Christmas is really about, and Steffy wishes the holiday spirit would last all year long. Eric bellows, “Merry Christmas, One and All.” Finally, Eric plays Joy to the World on the piano and everyone sings.

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