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At the cliff house, Hope wants to compromise, but Steffy won’t if it means banning her mother from the family. Hope doesn’t know where that leaves them since she’s not going to change her mind about this. Steffy checks on Kelly, then talk turns to the photo of Liam and Steffy on the wall.hope wont budge Hope questions if it makes things harder for Steffy, who explains she wants her daughter to grow up seeing her parents happy and caring about each other. She wants them all to get along. Hope wants that too, and hopes she’ll see Steffy and Kelly at Eric’s dinner. Steffy confirms they’ll be there. Hope stresses that as difficult as it is, Taylor cannot be with the family over Christmas.

At Forrester Creations, Reese calls Brooke out for disrespecting Taylor. Brooke gapes, and asks, “Who are you?” He replies, “Dr. Reese Buckingham,” and suggests there must be a better way for her to address Taylor – she’s a kind, caring woman.reese defends taylor Brooke feels Buckingham doesn’t know Taylor very well. If he knew the backstory, he’d understand she’s only looking out for Kelly’s best interest. Reese scoffs – how can she say that? Brooke wonders if Taylor would like to explain. Reese notes there’s a pattern of behavior with Brooke and her daughter. Brooke exclaims, “Excuse me?” Reese concedes there’s a highly complex history involved, but he’s compelled to defend Taylor and is there to help her any way that he can.

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In the Forrester studio, Zoe and Xander are still discussing her father when Maya appears. Xander enthusiastically greets his cousin, who quickly zeroes in on Zoe and asks if they’re back together.maya greets xander Xander explains that they are, and Emma was the one who broke it off with him. Maya understands a lot has changed since she’s been gone. Zoe interjects that Maya would be really proud of Xander’s modeling. Maya’s excited, and they reassure her that they are taking things slow. Maya tells Zoe she’s a lucky lady to have Xander, and pointedly hopes she always remembers that. After Maya’s gone, Xander’s sorry that she gave Zoe a hard time, and assures her she has proven herself and he trusts her. He feels Maya will come around, and once she gets to know Zoe, will see what he sees too. They kiss, then talk about being invited to the Forrester Christmas. Zoe’s worried about her father.

Maya surprises Brooke in the Forrester office. Brooke asks about Rick and is stunned to hear he didn’t come with her. Maya sighs and reveals that she and Rick are over; they are in the process of divorcing. Brooke gasps.

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At Il Giardino, Reese drinks iced tea in solidarity with Taylor’s sobriety. Taylor assures him her life’s not always this much drama. Reese gives her a pep talk and advises her to forget Brooke. He reiterates that he’s there for her. Taylor is touched. Reese kisses her hand.

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