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At the cliff house, Liam wants to know how Taylor’s doing. She admits she nearly took a drink last night, but Steffy quickly clarifies that she didn’t. They discuss Taylor’s run-in with Hope the other day. Taylor vented because it’s not good to hold in anger, but accuses Liam of over-reacting and threatening her freedom by telling Hope she shot Bill. Liam insists no one is going to the police. Taylor challenges that he doesn’t know that – he’s given Brooke complete power over her. She reminds him she’s not evil, it’s not who she is…he needs to convince Hope and Brooke of that! Steffy soothes that she believes her mom, and Liam does too. Liam Taylor begLiam argues this is about what Taylor could be capable of in the future. Taylor wonders if he really wants Kelly to grow up with her grandmother in prison and pleads with him to keep Brooke and Hope quiet about what she did. After Taylor goes to her AA meeting, Liam and Steffy discuss it. Liam knows Taylor’s not a bad person, he just wants to ensure Kelly’s safe. Steffy insists Kelly doesn’t need protection from her grandmother. Liam argues she has the capacity to snap, but Steffy says she’s undergone intense therapy. She wants Liam to intervene with Brooke and Hope or it could mean the end of her family!

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke, Hope, Katie, and Donna discuss possible names for Hope’s baby. Hope says all names are on the table. Brooke interjects, “Except Taylor.” Hope reveals Liam’s spending time with Kelly. Brooke clarifies that he’s there because he’s concerned about Taylor. hope donna katie brooke baby namesHope gushes about Liam’s dedication as a father, and also to his daughters’ two mothers. Katie wonders if Brooke is concerned about Taylor and asks what’s going on. Brooke says she’s still upset Hope ended up with Liam. Hope stops her from saying more, but Brooke intones she doesn’t want her around her daughter or granddaughter, or even Kelly; Taylor can’t be trusted. Donna and Katie persist and Brooke hints they’d be shocked if they knew about Taylor. In the studio, Zoe comments on Reese finding Dr. Taylor Hayes interesting. Reese takes a phone call, then laughs to Zoe about a credit card bill.zoe reese talk taylor Zoe wonders why he left London…he loves it. Reese loves her more and asserts this move is a fresh start for both of them. Zoe’s skeptical and notes he’s loved a lot of people…he has a history of going from woman to woman, especially those who can help him maintain a certain lifestyle. Reese concedes he loves beautiful women; if they’re wealthy all the better, but he’s there for Zoe. His daughter warns him Taylor is her boss’ mother and not to mess things up for her. Later, Xander joins Zoe, who reveals her father is focused on Steffy’s mom. She explains her dad’s not good with relationships.

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At the hospital, Taylor meets with Dr. Lisa Burr, (played by Caryn West). She’s in need of her sponsor and admits she wanted a drink last night. Taylor wants to get her life together. Lisa reassures Taylor before going to see a patient. Reese happens along and joins Taylor. He senses something’s upsetting her and wants to help.

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