Ridge is back at Brooke's telling her about his meeting with Ashley. They rehash the situation. Brooke tries to make Ridge feel better because he is regretful of the hurt he has caused Ashley and Abby. He does say that is sure of the decision he made though. Brooke tells him she is sad for Ashley but happy for them. Ridge is too. They kiss...

Taylor is in the hospital holding baby clothes. Bridget comes in with her discharge papers. They discuss that the baby's holding his own - Taylor says he gets his strength from his father. Taylor tells Bridget that she came to that hospital because she was comfortable there and Bridget was so sympathetic, but she's been thinking, Bridget was looking after her case since the beginning. Bridget interrupts Taylor and describes how she's been on edge all the time she knew there was a possibility of a mix-up. She tries to reassure that the baby is her's - it's only Brooke's egg. Taylor shouts, "The egg you put in me! I want to know how this happened to me!!"

Nick arrives at Brooke's door. When she answers he suggests that they have a talk. She invites him inside and tells him that she and Ridge are back together. She notes that Ridge is upstairs with R.J. right now. She expresses how positive she is about this reconciliation. Nick nods and sighs.

Nick questions Brooke's choice 'after everything that's happened'. She says Ridge understands. He turns the conversation to the baby - he's developed his own immune system and is holding his own. Nick tells her that he appreciates what she's done already, but wonders if she would donate some of her blood for the baby's future. She agrees and tells him to have Bridget set it up. He tells Brooke the baby is called Jack. He admits that Taylor is still having difficulties with what happened.

Bridget is taken aback by Taylor's accusing tone. Taylor shouts that she just wants to understand how it could happen. Bridget says she can never know for sure! She defends herself, and her decision not to tell Taylor right away. Bridget wonders aloud if it might not have been better if Taylor was never told. Bridget says the words 'clerical error', and this really sets Taylor off. She says it sure is curious that the only person that handled her in vitro is the daughter of Brooke Logan! Bridget is appalled that Taylor would think that! She protests that she never wanted this to happen - not to Taylor, and not to her mother! Taylor shakes her head and cries.

Bridget tells Taylor if she needs to hold her responsible, she should get a lawyer and file a lawsuit. Taylor murmurs that would cost Bridget her career. Bridget stresses to Taylor that she became a doctor because she admired her and how she helped people. Bridget confides that she can relate somewhat to what Taylor is going through, because when she was pregnant with Nicole she thought constantly about what their little family would be like; she had the future mapped out, but then she died. "I know what it's like to have your perfect future disappear before your eyes. The difference is your son is here, he needs you, Taylor, I'll never forgive myself if you can't bond with the baby!" Taylor is distraught though, that there is a biological connection with Brooke that can't be dissolved by signing papers. She is convinced that Nick and Jack will feel it. Bridget tells her she understands that she's confused right now, but if Taylor bonds with the baby, no one will come between them!

Nick and Brooke are now discussing her signing her rights to the baby over to Taylor and himself. She agrees, and notes that all this is alot for Taylor to handle. Brooke apologizes. Nick says it was just a mistake. She questions if Taylor thinks that. Nick tells Brooke that they are connected because of the baby, and that bothers Taylor. She says it only connects her to the baby, not Nick. But Nick disagrees, he feels that the two of them are now connected forever because they share this child together. At that point, Ridge comes downstairs and asks what Nick is doing there. Nick says they had a couple of things to discuss. Ridge tells him to phone then, he doesn't need to come over. He then bluntly states that Nick should leave and get on with his own life, "Stay away from Brooke."

Once Nick has left, Ridge and Brooke squabble about Nick's visit. He asks Brooke if she told him that he was upstairs. She says she did, and Nick just wanted to ask a question - he wanted her to bank blood for the baby. He says the hospital should handle that! Brooke notes that Taylor's having trouble with it all - and obviously he is too!

At the hospital, Nick and Taylor watch Jack sleeping through the nursery window. Nick is pleads with Taylor to realize that Jack is their son, heck, they named him after their parents! He reassures his wife that the baby will get better and come home to them soon. She is upset about going home and leaving him at the hospital - it's like she never had a baby! He reminds her that the baby knows her heartbeat and voice, he is your son, our son, Jack Hamilton Marone!