Ridge and Brooke are intertwined on her bed as they revel in being together again. They feel like the only two people in the world. Ridge muses, "Loving each other is the one thing we've always done exactly right." They discuss spending the rest of their life together, Ridge tells Brooke, "R.J. deserves this, so does Hope." Brooke tells him she knows how he'll hate to hurt Ashley. He says he fully intended to keep the promises he made to her and her daughter Abby...

Ashley arrives home and is talking to her daughter Abby, (who is with Uncle Jack), on the phone. She says good-bye and is connected to Ridge. She asks if he's in the middle of something and can he get away? He says he'll be right over. Brooke says she's going to pick up the kids. She reassures Ridge, "This is meant to be..."

Donna arrives in Eric's office and the chair is turned to the wall with only a bit of white hair showing. Donna asks him not to keep her hanging, "What happened? Is your marriage over? For your sake I hope it is!" Suddenly the chair turns and facing Donna is not Eric, but Stephanie! Donna's hand flys to her mouth as she registers the shock! Stephanie tells her she's not going anywhere!

Ashley rushes to meet Ridge at the door. Before he can speak she plants a big kiss on him. She realizes that something is very wrong. Guess we won't be opening this bottle of wine I brought back. "Ashley I am very, very sorry..." She responds, "I gave you an ultimatum Brooke or me! So I guess you did what I asked - took some time to decide what who you really wanted. If you think I'm going to congratulate you and wish you and Brooke the best you're going to be waiting a hell of a long time!" She grabs the wine bottle from the ice bucket and leaves the room...

Stephanie and Donna debate over the validity of the contract, which Stephanie has in her hand. Stephanie says that it's unenforceable. Donna says that won't matter to Eric - he gave his word to Nick and Jackie! Stephanie questions whether Jackie would take Eric at his word at this point. Donna scoffs, "Oh please! Everyone thought Felicia was dying! He came back for his daughter's sake - not because he couldn't live without you! If you've deluded yourself into thinking otherwise, well, it just shows how desperate you are." Stephanie smirks, "This coming from the girl who went after a married man when his wife was out of town." Donna responds, "You sound like you where in India feeding the poor, you had no choice after what you did to Brooke!" Stephanie is exasperated, "For the fifty-millionth time, I didn't do anything to your sister." Donna hisses, "If you'd stayed out of her life there wouldn't have been a rape!" She reminds Steph that now Brooke and Ridge are closer than ever. And she and Eric well it hasn't all been sex, though when a man has gone that long without who can blame him for being insatiable." Steph laughs, "Oh honey please, you're nothing more than a sex toy to him." Donna says, "Wrong. I listen to him, how he thinks, how he feels, something you could never be bothered to do. I'm the partner he always wishes he'd had - which leaves you out in the cold!" She tells her she should've accepted Brooke when she asked her to and none of this would've happened! But, she tells Stephanie, "You didn't and now you've got me, and I'm not going anywhere either!"

Brooke is dressed in a fancy red dress and comes into the room with coffee for Katie. As they sit on the sofa, Brooke asks her what she thinks of Thorne. Katie smiles and says of course she likes him, he's one of the good guys. Brooke pushes her to be more forthcoming. Katie says, "I'm sorry, it's just weird, you're back with Ridge, I'm seeing his brother, Donna's sleeping with his father..." She breaks off as she realizes what she just gave away. Brooke is shocked, "What?! You mean Eric?!" She worries about Stephanie finding out, but Katie tells her she already has, "Which spells big trouble for our sister!"

Stephanie and Donna continue to debate over who will come out on top, "Eric deserves better more than a bitter, frigid, nag!" Stephanie says, "As opposed to you whose only two assets aren't even real?!" Donna is outraged, "If you're insinuating..." Stephanie interrupts, "Oh c'mon honey the sales tag on those is still wet. I'm sure like those mannequins if I took a pin and punctured it would pop! Sssss! My husband requires someone quite different in a woman, someone sophisticated and refined and you my little silicone baby are not that, and never will be!" Stephanie asks if Eric has taken her out to the club, or wining and dining around town. Then she tells Donna he's not going to, "You're fine in the bedroom but that's as far as it's going to go."

Ridge comes up behind Ashley on the terrace. She wipes away tears and he apologizes. She supposes she shouldn't be so surprised, but he was so persuasive that she believed in them. He says he did too. She tells him she feels so stupid - she sent out their invitations from France because she thought it would be romantic to have them postmarked from Paris. She turns to Ridge and says, "When Brooke put on the ring thinking it was meant for her she was right - you were hers all along!" She gives him back the ring.

He fondles the ring and tells Ashley he really did love her. She says it felt like he did - and Abby was really excited to have him for a stepfather. He starts, "Maybe we could get together..." Ash cuts him off, "I don't think so Ridge, when you walk out the door that's it." He says, "If there's anything I can do..." She tells him there is - be happy. He asks what about her - she says she'll be fine, "I'm worried for you though, you and Brooke have done this so many times." He tells her he has loved Brooke almost his whole life, call it destiny or fate, but we always find our way back, and I feel in my heart that this time it's forever. She whispers, "I hope that's true for you. I think you need to go." He gives her a quick kiss and leaves. She steps back out on to her terrace and begins to sob.

Donna says she and Eric have kept a low profile for obvious reasons. She informs Stephanie she's not Brooke and doesn't want her approval. Stephanie says she's been through this a million times and he won't marry her. He'll tire of her - sex will only take you so far. Donna says Stephanie keeps making the mistake of assuming that's all there is to her. She tells her nemesis that, surprise, she has a brain, a heart, and feels things just as deeply as she does. "I'm in love with Eric." Stephanie says, "Like you were with Thorne?" Donna tells Stephanie it doesn't matter if she believes her, and they may have history but Eric craves so much more - and Donna can give it to him! "Warmth, respect,appreciation. I treat Eric with dignity and that's how he treats me. I may not be perfect, and I will never be, but at least I don't try to control his every move - he'd be a fool to give that up. And he's no fool, Stephanie, and neither am I. So if you're smart you'll just let him have some happiness for a change, and if you're not, and if you push, just know, I'll push back - and hard! In ways you can't even begin to imagine. Your days with him are over Stephanie! It's my turn to be Mrs Eric Forrester." Stephanie slaps her face hard. Donna pushes her shoulder and steps menacingly forward, "There is nothing - nothing, you can do about that!