At Brooke's house, she continues her conversation with Ridge about him coming back to her. Brooke tells Ridge she knows this is hard, he's made a commitment to Ashley Abbott, but what matters is the truth. "Now, I think you were ready to say you wanted a life with me..."

In Eric's office at Forrester the trio of Donna, Eric and Stephanie continue to hash it out as Stephanie tells Donna, "You turned those rockets on your chest at my son, thank God he had the sense to turn away, but this old fool doesn't." She turns to Eric, "Can't you see how transparent this is?" Eric replies that Donna is, in fact, transparent - when she has an agenda, she tells him! Stephanie tells Eric that Donna's only interest in him is to get back at her. Donna interrupts, "That's right, make him feel bad about himself!" Stephanie is fed up and tells Donna she is fired. "No," says Eric to his wife, "You're fired!" Stephanie is taken aback, "What?! This is a family business, and it's back in the family!" Donna tells Stephanie that Eric is the sole owner of the company. Eric confirms that the company is his alone, contingent on his divorcing her!

Katie drops in on Thorne at work. His office is in disarray and they share a laugh as she gives him the lunch she brought him. She informs him that she has an ulterior motive to coming by. She's marking time since she went home to Brooke's, looked inside, and it looked like Ridge and Brooke were in the middle of something serious.

Ridge tells Brooke that because of the baby she'll feel the pull to Nick, and Ridge will see that in her eyes, and nothing will hurt him quite like that. Brooke starts to speak, but he silences her. He says that when that happens, he hopes she'll find out what he has, "I promised Ashley that I'd let you go - I really tried, but I found out it was like letting go of me. Standing here with you it's like all the good I've ever done comes home...Do I want a life with you? There's no choice, because the only life I have, I have with you..." Brooke has tears of joy in her eyes as she realizes what this means.

Stephanie wonders whose scheming little mind came up with the idea of Eric buying back the company without her. Eric tells her it was Nick's condition on the sale. She challenges, "And you said?!" Eric replies, "I'm here!" Stephanie scoffs that no court would hold such a condition up. Donna excuses herself to let them talk and reminds Eric not to let Stephanie make him forget who he is - she tells him she loves him and leaves. Stephanie asks if he loves Donna back. Eric tells her that it's not just a sexual daydream. He admits that it's all very uncomfortable for him - the thought of going around with a girl who's too young to be his daughter, but none of it matters, because he's happy, "Do you remember what that is?"

Brooke asks Ridge if his words mean what she thinks they do. Smiling, Ridge tells her, "Yes. My answer is yes!" Brooke is elated. They embrace and she asks is he's told Ashley. He says today - when she gets back, "Oh, I've hurt so many people, including you." She asks him to go upstairs with her. He gently suggests that they take it slow. She says no one's home and could they just go upstairs to lay down together? He takes her hand and they ascend the staircase to Brooke's bedroom...

As Thorne interacts with one of the workers. Katie smiles and asks, "Why are all the good ones wasted?" He asks, "Am I being wasted?" She flirts, "Are you seeing anyone these days?" He tells her no one other than her! She suggests that they keep it that way. He agrees.

Eric asks Stephanie, "Why do you even want to be married to me? I know you love me, but what I don't know is why? You treat me like an old three-legged dog that can't hunt anymore and you just keep me around..." Stephanie is impatient, "How can you ask that?! After all we've been through together? After all we've built together?" Eric muses, "I remember it all..." He then removes his wedding band and places it on the desk in front of her.

Ridge tells Brooke that it's too soon after the attack for them to make love. She says she's not afraid, but he says he is. She expresses her disgust that Andy was the last man to ever touch her. She asks Ridge to remember her as she was - he says he does. She tells him she doesn't belong to that horror, she belongs to him. They kiss and Ridge tells Brooke she's crazy. They kiss some more and he stops to tell her he loves her. She assures him that she knows he does. They resume kissing and fall to the bed.

Donna glances into Thornes's office and sees him kissing Katie. "You two are a better idea than we were, I guess." says Donna, "Are you two sleeping together?" At Thorne's embarrassed look, she surmises that they aren't. He then looks at her and smirks, "The titanic was a better idea than the two of us." Donna sulks, "If I can be happy for you two, why can't you be happy for me and Eric?"

Eric tells Stephanie the kids can have any kind of relationship they want with her - it just won't be in the house. He tells her the children have gotten used to this because of her absence. Stephanie plays along, telling him she'll get a hotel room and asks if he expects her to grovel, "Lauren Fenmore, Sheila, Brooke, not once, but twice! Do we really have to go through this again!" His reply, "Very persistent, isn't it? This desire of mine to see what it's like having a life without you..."

Ridge and Brooke luxuriate in the afterglow of lovemaking, whispering about how some things change, but some things stay the same. They begin to kiss again.

Stephanie makes a remark about Eric's designs, and he tells her that her insults mean nothing. Stephanie calls his bluff and tells him to marry Donna then. He tells her that her accomplishments will never change, but he doesn't want to go to his grave wondering why he wasn't happy. Stephanie tells him it's not about the humiliation, she doesn't know if she has the energy to take on a much younger rival. She tells him no babies - he asks how she can think about that right now. She replies, "Because I'm the practical one - and that's why you love me. I guess I will fight. But while you're out there swinging on your vine, remember that what goes up must come down - and when it does, I'll be there, honey, to collect you, because this is not the end of us."