Stephanie concludes her apology to Brooke, "There was no way I could no what kind of a man but I accept responsibility for what happened." Brooke spits, "Liar!"

Donna introduces Eric to a girl who she thinks could be a great lead model and spokesperson for Forrester. Eric argues that's her job! But Donna says they need a Rolls Royce for the position, and she's more of an All Terrain vehicle, "Besides, we're not building the campaign around her anyway!" She holds up a photo of Eric holding two boat oars. He gasps, "Me?!"

Rick and Ashley are on the plane preparing to come home from Paris, when he finds letters with a Paris postmark that Ashley never mailed. She is defensive about it, but suddenly Ridge calls on her cellphone. He apologizes for being out of touch, and tells her that Taylor had her baby, but there were complications, "It helps to know you're coming home soon. Have a safe flight, I love you Ashley." She replies softly, "Love you too!" She turns to look at Rick pointedly.

Bridget and Ridge watch the baby through the nursery window and she tells him it doesn't need to be hard. He says ominously that he knows better than anyone what a bond between Nick and Brooke may mean.

Brooke glares at Stephanie, "You wanted to steal my children and you used the wrong man to help you do it, that's what you say!" Stephanie protests. Brooke continues, "And you gave him the key to my house, you claim that was an accident too!" She tells her it's not about the key though, "It's about the idea you gave him of me. That I am garbage, that I am nothing, that is why I was raped! To stand there and say you accept responsibility now...Just go. Get out! There is nothing that you can do for me." Stephanie replies, "Maybe not. Look, I just want you to know you and Ridge have my blessing." Brooke is outraged and shocked at her nerve.

Donna tells Eric 'You're the man, you're the man they want to see. Women want to see a man who devoted his life to celebrating women's bodies.!" Eric demures, "Focus groups don't see me that way." He tries to explain that he's not young enough. Donna says it's obvious Stephanie's back in town and that's where his lack of confidence is coming from. Donna says she won't have much of a say in it anyway, but she wants him to remember, "It's your life, all yours, and it's fabulous and so are you! Stephanie won't give up without a fight, and your children hate me, but I'm here..." Suddenly he agrees to do the campaign. Donna excitedly goes off to promotions.

Bridget tells Ridge the baby can't go home yet to those who love him, but he can, "Ridge, all you have to do is want it enough!"

Brooke sneers at Stephanie, "Now you're just pitiful." Look if he wants to choose a life with you I'm not going to stand in the way." Brooke taunts, "You couldn't! You tried. His life with you is over." That may be so, you know I always thought you were my enemy, but I was my own worst enemy. I called you obsessed, but I was the one with the obsession, and all the years that I said you stole my husband from me, the truth is I drove Eric away and I've done it again. So much time, energy and love just thrown away...just wasted. Every real relationship, everyone I've ever really loved I've driven away. I've destroyed those relationships, now I'd like the chance to rebuild them. I'd like to start with you!"

Brooke has no patience for Stephanie's words, "What kind of relationship would we rebuild?" Stephanie suggests one based on respect. Brooke tells her that's the problem, she doesn't respect her, "I used to respect you, I use to want your love, and Ridge, all tied up in a little bow, but now the shoe's on the other foot." Brooke explains that Stephanie's out in the cold, and Brooke is surrounded by love. Stephanie asks if Brooke will at least think about what she said? Brooke flat out tells her No. She then goes on to explain that she is stronger than ever. That she has not let what happened break her. Stephanie says simply, "Then I'm glad I came." She leaves and Brooke exhales.

Eric is in his office getting groomed by Mimi. He is notified that Stephanie is on her way in. As Mimi leaves, Stephanie enters and in short order she tells him that she just came from seeing Brooke. He is upset. When the conversation turns to Stephanie having left, she says she didn't walk away from him or their marriage, and asks if they can't just take it one day at a time. Suddenly she spies the picture of Eric in the mock-up and asks if promotions came up with it. He gets defensive when she starts to criticize it. Suddenly she notices he has new cologne, a new jacket, and spits, "You're having an affair!"

Brooke is lying on the couch when Ridge arrives. She tells him that his mother was just there, and she laughingly tells him that she gave them her blessing. He says, "As if she had the power to do that. To think of what we could have had, all the pain that could've been avoided." Brooke smiles, "Yeah, but we came through it, and we're here, and now there's nothing in our way - or is there?"

Stephanie shakes her head at Eric, "I half expected this..." He is angry, "Do you know how demeaning that is?" She says, "I'm not blaming you, Jackie's been hovering for years. I hope you used condoms." Eric throws up his hands, "Oh for God's sake!" Stephanie counters, "Well you know, some women are like those beautiful duvet covers in the window of the store, you just never know where they've been." He growls, "It's not Jackie." She then guesses it's one of the models. Eric says, "Oh are we back to that?" She warns him that models gossip, so you have to perform. He interrupts, "It's not all about sex. It's more.." She interrupts him, "You light up her world, day and night..." He says, "It's not what I do for her, it's what she does.." Again, Stephanie cuts him off, until he says, "Will you stop finishing my sentences! Don't treat me like a ten year old child!" She says it's a difficult situation. "It's not what I see in her, that I don't see in you. It's that when I'm with her, I'm someone I can actually stand!" Suddenly Donna comes into the office. Stephanie dismisses her by telling her they are in the middle of a private conversation. But Eric surprises everyone by insisting that Donna stay. He tells Stephanie that she can continue talking if she likes. Stephanie gawps, "Does everyone here know?!" Donna tells he to ask herself why she's there. It dawns on Stephanie what is going on, "Another son's reject, how can you be such an old fool?!"

Rick says the plane's 12th in line for take off, he picks up some magazines and sees the cover of Brooke and Ridge. Ashley says its okay she's already seen it - Ridge knows what he wants and that's all she needs to know.

Ridge tells Brooke he's still not over her leaving him for Nick. He says he had been thinking that Nick and Taylor were solid and everything would work out, but now it's possible again because of the baby. Brooke says, "Possible? That I would leave you for Nick? Possible to hurt you the way I hurt you before? Ridge, I love you, that's all I ever felt since the day I first met you. Now if we can't count on that what can we count on? We'll just figure it out as we go along, can you do that with me?" Ridge paces, thinking. Brooke tells him, "I so desperately wants to share a life with you, as a family, the life that we've always wanted. If you just give me one more chance, I will prove it to you. Taylor's baby is not going to be an issue. Now Ashley Abbott, I know she's an exceptional woman, and I can understand you wouldn't want to hurt her, but you just have to break off that engagement. Just do it Ridge, it's our time! Please, come back to me, just come back to me..."