Bridget warns Brooke to take it easy as she gets her settled at home. She tells her she'll be sore for a couple of days and then she should stop the painkillers. As Bridget gives her instructions, Brooke stops paying attention. Brooke tells her that Ridge was shocked that she was...Bridget interrupts, "The baby's mother." Brooke looks at her, "I'm not. Taylor is." Bridget sighs, "He thought you were over Nick and now there's this tie to him." Brooke tells her daughter, "I'll sign papers or do whatever I have to do, I'm not giving up on Ridge!"

Ridge is thinking back to the conversation in the hospital with Brooke about her being the biological mother of Nick's son, when suddenly his doorbell rings. He opens the door and is startled to see his mother on the doorstep.

At the Forrester home, Felicia is told by Eric that Stephanie is back. He warns Felicia that he will tell her mother about Donna in his own time.

Ridge tells his mother, "There is nothing for you here." She replies, "No forgiveness?" He flatly tells her no. When she pushes to come in, he allows it, but tells her not to read anything into it. Once she is inside, he calls her on running away. He tells her that Brooke is getting help. She tells him where she was, and that she realized she had to come back and face this, "It was a terrible lapse of judgement." Ridge is totally indignant, "Is that what you're calling it." Stephanie, as with Eric, is upset that he would think she intended for Brooke to be raped. He fumes, "It wasn't just a rape, it was a brutal, savage rape! The bruises she sustained lasted a long time, mother, and if you think time heals all wounds you're very, very mistaken! You may never have intended it, but I will never forget what happened to her, and I will definitely never forget your part in it!"

Felicia encourages Eric to dump Donna so, "We can all go back to the way things were before." Eric snorts at the very idea, and Felicia concedes that Stephanie drives us all crazy sometimes. Eric tells her that she needs to stay out of this. She asks if he could possibly be serious about that "hoochie mama". He orders her to knock it off. He informs her he won't even be talking to Stephanie again until she apologizes to Brooke.

Bridget and Brooke continue their conversation when Bridget mistakenly uses the phrase, 'served up on a silver platter'. Brooke is visibly upset. She explains that Andy used that phrase, then shows Bridget her house key, which she keeps in the drawer to remind her not to trust Stephanie. Bridget asks when was the last time that Brooke saw Beth. Brooke tells her she doesn't need Beth. She starts to flash back on the conversation she had with Stephanie after the rape, where Stephanie was accusing and relentless. She screams "Stop". Bridget tells her she needs help. Brooke is edgy, "People need to just stop bringing it up!"

Stephanie mentions to Ridge his engagement to Ashley, and how pleased she is about it. He tells her the irony of all this, is that she was trying to keep Brooke away from him, but because of what happened he and Brooke have bonded like never before, and Ashley is gone overseas because they needed time apart to think. Stephanie lets him know she will be apologizing to Brooke. Ridge flips, "Don't you go near Brooke! You stay away from Brooke!"

Eric arrives at Brooke's house to bring a file because she said she was working from home. He asks why she isn't going to work. She smiling, says he really didn't come to bring a file - he came by to check in on her. He says, "Yes, Stephanie's back. I thought she would have seen you by now. She left the house to come see you." Brooke says she's glad she wasn't home and thanks him for the heads up. He says actually he sent her to Brooke's, to apologize. Brooke says, "No! I don't want to see her ever again!"

Stephanie tries to tell Ridge that she needs to apologize to Brooke to make her understand that she didn't mean for it to happpen. Ridge tells her repeatedly to stay away from Brooke. He says the counselor has told him that Brooke has been traumatized to the extent that she is still having flashbacks, migraines, and panic attacks. She needs to find a way to put all this behind her or she's never going to heal!

Eric is surprised that Brooke doesn't want to confront Stephanie. She says any apology would be insincere, and she has no intention of forgiving Stephanie, nor will she ever forget what Andy did to her! Eric says he understands and he'll make sure Stephanie stays clear. Brooke says Stephanie's apology would only make her feel better and Brooke furious, "Keep her away or I don't know what I might do!"

Bridget and Felicia discuss Stephanie's reappearance and whether or not Stephanie should apologize to Brooke. Bridget says we would have a big disaster on our hands if Stephanie just showed up at Brooke's door!

Ridge calls Brooke, she says she's sore, but the painkillers are helping. He says he has news. She says she knows, Stephanie's back. Brooke tells him what she told Eric - she doesn't want to see her again in her life! He says his mother seems to regret what happened. Brooke broaches the subject of the baby - he says they'll talk about that later. He tells her just to rest. Right after Brooke hangs up the telephone, the doorbell rings. Brooke opens the door and it's Stephanie! Brooke goes ballistic, "Get out!" Stephanie, taken aback by the vehemence of Brooke's reaction blurts, I'm sorry! I'm sorry Brooke! I'm sorry Brooke! Please!" Brooke is virtually hyperventilating as they stare at each other in horror...