At the hospital, Ridge questions Brooke again about the doctor's words, "your little boy." He remarks that he supposes she is connected to the baby because her blood is now running in his veins.

Stephanie stands outside Brooke's door thinking, "My God! He raped her and then I taunted her about it." Donna comes up behind her and says, "If you want to see Brooke so bad why don't you take the key from under the flowerpot...wait you can't, your rapist friend already did!"

Nick is beside the hospital bed, telling Taylor that this baby is theirs, he needs them now. The doctor brings the baby in and says the transplant went well, he's a strong little fighter. Nick asks if they can touch him - the doctor wants to hold off on that for now. Nick helps Taylor over to the incubator - as she looks at the baby she looks like she might sob.

Ridge comments how it's amazing Brooke was a match for the baby. Brooke replies how it's been a very long day. She blurts out that the lab made a mistake. She is speaking a little strangely so Ridge asks if everything's alright. Again, Brooke says yes, everything is fine and Nick and Taylor will be good parents. He comments how Brooke is like a guardian angel. Still not making much sense, she says, "That's just the thing, he won't be in my life. You need to understand that. I would care about him, but that would be the extent of our relationship." Ridge is confused. Sighing, Brooke tells him that she went into the hospital to make an egg donation quite awhile ago and shortly after that, Nick and Taylor conceived a child from an anonymous egg donor. "Well, there was a mix-up. The technician had the dish that said Marone on it. The egg was mine, not the donor's. He is Nick and Taylor's baby but he was conceived with my DNA." Ridge is stunned.

Donna opens the door to the house, and Stephanie stands in the doorway, noting by the dark room that Brooke obviously isn't there. Stephanie says she'll come back later. Donna hisses, "Creepy isn't it?! This is where it happened! I'd move, but not Brooke. She's not going to let him take anymore from her than he already has." Donna accuses Stephanie of telling Andy how to get into the house to attack Brooke. Stephanie denies it, but then remembers saying to Andy on the phone that the key was under the flowerpot. Donna sees the truth dawn on Stephanie's face. Donna tells her Brooke might get over this but she never will...

Taylor stands over the incubator crying, and tells Nick she's heartsick. She feels selfish. Nick admits that the day didn't turn out the way they'd planned. Taylor says, "I look at him and see you and everything I love, but I also see Brooke, in our future, forever."

Ridge is blustering at Brooke, "So, he's half you, half Nick. So what the doctor said is right. He is yours." Brooke explains that Taylor carried him, and he's her son. Ridge asks if Taylor knows. Brooke nods, "I told her what I told you." Ridge is upset. Brooke tells him, "I know what it's like to have my kids taken away, I wouldn't do that to Taylor. I just wish we could go back to before the phone call from Bridget. You were going to commit yourself to me. You didn't say it, but I could see it in your eyes. Please says that hasn't changed..."

Nick asks Taylor, "You see Brooke in him? I don't. I see our child, the future and the family we're going to have together." Taylor persists, "With Brooke. She's the biological mother!" Nick shakes his head, "She's the egg donor." Taylor says it's not that simple. Nick shrugs, "Simple went out the window when we decided to have a baby. He's ours, and right now I want him to see how the Marones can get through anything." Taylor is moved, "I love you, I love you both so much!" Nick suggests that they name the boy. He suggest Hayes Hamilton Marone. Taylor laughs, she likes the name Hamilton for a middle name, but she thought Jack for his mother and her father. He likes it. They both look at the baby.

Ridge is still upset, "How can you say nothing's changed? You have another son! With Nick Marone!" Brooke tells him biology is not being a parent. He questions Brooke not wanting to be a part of her own child's life. She claims she just wants him to be happy, "I've given him all I can, now Taylor will raise him." Ridge says he knows her better than she knows herself, she may say that, but it won't be that easy for her to separate herself from her own flesh and blood.

Donna turns on a lamp and tells Stephanie that it happened in this room. She also tells her that Ridge and Brooke are closer than ever thanks to her machinations. Stephanie is puzzled - Ridge is engaged to Ashley! Donna smirks that that relationship won't last long. She intones, "Ridge and Brooke, your worst nightmare!" Stephanie says that would have been Donna and Thorne, but thankfully he came to his senses. Donna purrs, "What's the saying? Out of the frying pan..? Be careful baby, you're about to get burned!"

Nick and Taylor try out the baby's name. Nick pretends that Jack Hamilton Marone is the name of a great football star. They are the picture of proud parents.

Ridge tells Brooke she follows her heart - it's why she's there in the hospital bed right now! She interrupts that the lab made a mistake, and the real issue is about Ridge not being able to get past thinking that Brooke has a baby with Nick. He admits it bothers him. She begs him not to back away from her. They'll get through this together! She tells him she's not going to let him slip away from her again...