From her hospital bed, Taylor shouts at Brooke to get out, "Don't try to take my baby away!" A rattled Brooke protests, "I'm not!" Taylor shouts again, "Get out!" Brooke tries to explain, "I'm only trying to tell you.." But Taylor won't listen, "No! Get out and stay away from my baby!"

As Donna listens while hiding on the terrace, Stephanie pleads her case with Eric, "I only wanted to protect my grandchildren!" Eric smirks, "I guess the road to hell is paved with good intentions!" She wants to change the road she's been on, "I just don't want this to cost me a life without you!"

Phoebe comes home and Ridge asks her if the baby and Taylor are alright. She says that they were when she left the hospital, but she hasn't checked back in, she's been at Nick's getting the nursery ready with Jackie. When Phoebe notes that Nick is going to be a great dad, Ridge muses out loud that maybe now Nick will stay out of his life!

Taylor hollers, "Where's security?" Nick tries to calm her by telling her that Brooke is just as confused as they are! Brooke explains about the eggs and how the mix-up happened. Taylor accuses, "Now you have the baby you wanted with my husband!" Brooke speaks quietly, "It was conceived with my egg, but this baby is your son Taylor, this child is yours." Taylor shakes her head.

Eric tells Stephanie if she's looking for sympathy, she's come to the wrong place. Stephanie questions whether he thinks she actually wanted Brooke to be raped. He tells her she didn't care. Stephanie assures him she has been asking herself how she could've gotten so lost in her own hate. Eric tells her in a low voice, "You used to be a warm, loving woman, but your children grew up and you couldn't stay out of their lives, especially Ridge's. Brooke provided Ridge with happiness and you were threatened by that, in fact, you were jealous! Ridge is the true love of your life, and no amount of soul-searching will change that!"

As Ridge and Phoebe continue to talk, he gets a call from the hospital telling him that he since he is listed as the emergency contact for Brooke Logan, they are calling to let him know that Brooke will not be released tonight. When he realizes that Brooke was admitted, he leaves for the hospital immediately.

Brooke gently tells Taylor that she's given all she can, "What he needs from you is much more precious, you're his mother." Taylor cries, "I carried him for 9 months, I've been preparing for this, for our family to live our life..." Brooke replies, "And you will still have that Taylor. I'm not going to stand in your way."

In response to Eric's words about Ridge, Stephanie says she's not ashamed of loving her son. Eric replies that she can't let him live his own life though, and that's the problem. Stephanie says she went away to give Eric time to think this through, for him to see that she couldn't have meant for Brooke to be hurt in that way. He scoffs, "Taking her children away from her wasn't hurtful?!" She accuses him of always seeing the worst in her - that's the problem with our marriage. He says, "So it's my fault?" She tells him it's 50/50, they've both made mistakes, and haven't most of the mistakes they've made involved Brooke? He angrily throws up his hands, "Oh, here it comes now, here it is again!" They both start shouting, Stephanie says it's always been, all these years about losing him, not the children, "My heart stopped beating for you the night I saw you in Brooke's arms! I'm asking you not to let what happened to Brooke come between us!" Eric reminds her that Brooke is the victim here. Stephanie says, "Of course she is, but I didn't victimize her, the son of a b**** that raped her did!" Eric in enraged, "You sent him! And until you take full responsibility for that, there's nothing more for you and me to say." She says that he wants her to apologize to Brooke, and she will, "But I'm asking you to open your heart, understand and forgive me." He says, "It's not that simple. Alot has changed since you left - you need to hear about it from me..."

Ridge shows up at the hospital looking for Brooke and finds out from a staff member that she donated bone marrow for the Marone's baby.

Nick, leaning over his wife, soothingly reminds her that they made a commitment to give the baby a lifetime of love together. They hug as Brooke watches, thinking....

Brooke says she should go. Nick says there's nothing else to say. But Taylor says, "Yes. There is." She looks over Nick's shoulder at Brooke, "Thank you. Because of you, my baby will have a chance to live." Brooke demures, "I only did what any mother would do. And now I'm going home to my own life, and nothing will change." Taylor pointedly asks her, "Can you live with that, Brooke? Look me in the eye and tell me, a month, a year, 10 years down the road you won't look at your child and ask yourself what if things had turned out different?" Brooke says, "No. And I pray you won't either." As Brooke leaves, Nick kisses Taylor, "It'll be okay. We'll make it work."

Stephanie again asks Eric to please give her a chance, He tries to explain that while she's been gone he's changed too. Stephanie decides to go see Brooke, "I'll see if she can find it in her heart to forgive me." Eric responds, "You do that." She scolds, "Don't write this off - wouldn't it at least be a good first step?" She goes out the front door. Donna comes out from hiding, she states to Eric, "She still thinks there's a chance for you and her." He replies that Stephanie hears what she wants to hear. He says he didn't make her any promises. To which Donna points out, "You haven't made me any either." She asks Eric, "When was the last time you were happy with her? He says life's not always like that. She answers, "It can be - life is banquet all there in front of you, and you can survive on bread and water, but you want a big piece of chocolate cake." She tells him it's about needing to feel good about yourself, "Which one of us does that for you Eric? Stephanie or me?"

Brooke returns to her room and discovers Ridge there. He tells her he knows what she did for the Marones, and shouldn't she be in bed? She tells him she had to talk to Taylor. Brooke explains what was wrong with the baby. Ridge tells her she's incredible for doing something like this for them. Dr. Caron comes in and thanks Brooke, "For doing an incredible thing for your little boy." Ridge picks up on it and asks, "Why did she refer to Taylor and Nick's son as your little boy?"