On the other side of the curtain from Brooke, Nick tells Taylor that she shouldn't be out of bed, and shouldn't be there where the donor is. She says she knows that, but she wants to speak to the donor, just for a minute. On the other side of the curtain, Brooke looks panicky.

Eric and Donna are kissing in the Forrester living room. They stop and Donna asks Eric what's wrong. He sighs heavily, "I think we should call it a night." Donna is put out, "Because of Felicia and her threats?" Eric paces, "It's nothing compared to what her mother will do when she comes back!" Donna pouts, "If she comes back." Eric muses that Stephanie will come back, she won't stay away long because of the kids and the business. Donna becomes angry, "How could she show her face here again knowing she's responsible for Brooke's rape?!"

Outside the house, in a car, Stephanie sits with her mother, who tells her, "There, I told you I'd get you home in one piece." After Stephanie complains that Ann once said she couldn't drive in L.A., they argue about how unpleasant the week at the condo was. Ann claims that Stephanie moped around the entire time, "What happened? Did Eric throw you out? Why won't you tell me?" Stephanie quietly says, "It's between me and my family." Ann is anxious for Stephanie to get out of the car, "Well, go face the firing squad! If Eric doesn't shoot you, and you show up at my door again, I will!" Stephanie smirks, "I'd expect nothing less..."

Nick is able to distract Taylor from seeing Brooke behind the curtain, because the incubator with the baby in it is wheeled out. He tells Taylor to look at the baby and they go with him out the door. Taylor is easily drawn away from her mission to meet the bone marrow donor.

In the car, Ann is getting impatient, "We can't sit out here all night Stephanie!" Stephanie regards her mother, "You don't understand mother, and you never will." Ann rolls her eyes, "Surely Eric will forgive you for whatever it is you've done this time..."

Eric says, "Stephanie did a horrible thing." Donna hedges, "An unforgivable thing?" She notices that he's still wearing his wedding band. Donna reminds him of all the times in the past he has forgiven Stephanie, and tells him that he just can't this time!

Bridget is at Brooke's bedside, telling her they need to wait to see if the baby's body accepts the transplant. Brooke tells Bridget the baby is beautiful, and she can almost see a resemblance. Bridget asks her not to talk like that. Brooke says she knows she's not the mother, but knowing the history she has with Taylor, when Nick tells her that I'm the donor....

Back in the hospital room, Taylor is upset with Nick that he has met the donor but won't let her. She demands to know what is going on. He tells her that the woman behind the curtain is not the donor they selected. He explains that there was a mix-up. She asks, "If that's not the donor we selected - then who is the woman in recovery?"

Ann drags Stephanie's suitcase up onto the porch. Stephanie tries to tell her to leave it. Her mother says, "The sooner you're inside, the sooner I'm on my way back home!" Stephanie asks if Ann's coming in. She says she's not, but ask Eric to send her an invitation to his next show. Stephanie thanks her for putting up with her. Ann just says she's got to go. Then she leaves, tires squealing.

Eric decries to Donna all the times he asked Stephanie to just back off. Donna says that Stephanie gave him a wonderful family, but now he's truly happy, confident, and he believes in himself, and has his company back! She purrs, "I'm so in love with you Eric!" They kiss, but a banging starts on the front door. They turn and look as they hear Stephanie's voice calling Eric's name. He sends Donna out on the terrace and he answers the door. Stephanie sweeps in, "Did you change the locks? What, did you hire a guard dog too?" Eric growls, "You don't want me to answer that." Stephanie tells him he looks good. He replies that, "Alot's changed while you were gone." Stephanie says breezily, "Oh, you mean the company, yes I heard. That Marone you had him on the ropes!" Eric is bitter, "I'll bet you were surprised that I did it myself. You didn't think I had it in me..."

Nick explains to Taylor that the donor came straight to the hospital when she was asked to donated the bone marrow! But, he intones, there was a mix-up during the fertility procedure, eggs were brought in to be implanted that were labelled B Marone. They were actually meant for research. Taylor is breathless, "Are you saying, Bridget? I mean, I love Bridget but..." He says no, not Bridget, and Taylor asks, "Well then whose eggs were implanted in me?" Taking a deep breath Nick says levelly, "They came from Brooke." Taylor is horrified!

Stephanie, picking up on Eric's coldness, asks if Eric got the letter she left. Through gritted teeth he says, "You scribbled a few I'm sorrys on a piece of paper and left - you couldn't face us could you?!" Stephanie says that what happened - it was a tragedy. She admits she made a mistake... Eric is enraged, "A mistake! A mistake is what happens when you balance your checkbook incorrectly! Setting off a chain of events that leads to someone being violated - it's contemptible! Stephanie tries to say that she couldn't possible have known what would happen with Andy, but Eric cuts her off angrily. She tries a different approach, "You can't know how sorry I am..this was caused by my feelings for Brooke and that's the reality, I need you to understand!" She notes that she's asked for his forgiveness many, many, many times, and he says, "And that's what I've done! I've wanted to believe you'd changed for our marriage, our kids, but even after what happened earlier this year with your mother, well, I thought that was going to be a real turning point for you!" She says she's done some soul-searching while she's been away, and she doesn't know if she can change, it might just be who she is! She tells him he and her children are her whole life. She offers to go to counseling with him or alone, in fact, she'll do anything, "Just don't let this be the end of us." Donna is agonizing outside.

Taylor is completely devastated, "I couldn't have heard right. NO! NO! NO!" Nick tries gently, "She's just a donor." But Taylor isn't going to be soothed, "NO! I wanted a child, now I have your child with Brooke?!" She's ruined everything!" Nick starts, "She had nothing to do with it.." Taylor is hysterical, "Don't you dare defend her! She's taken everything from me my whole life!" Nick reaches out for his distraught wife. She is beyond all reason, "Don't touch me! I can't believe this! I can't believe this is happening!" Taylor sobs uncontrollably, throwing herself face-down on the bed. Quietly, Brooke walks in, slips across the room and touches Taylor's back. Taylor slowly turns to face her with a look of total contempt!