The DNA results are up on the computer screen. Bridget asks Carl to please just tell her whether her mother is a match. He says you're the doctor, you'd better look for yourself. Bridget looks at the screen and seems stunned.

Nick and Taylor are discussing how awful donating bone marrow is, when the technicians come in and tell them that Nick cannot be a donor because he has CMV a virus of the blood. Taylor starts to freak out wanting to see the baby because it could die. She starts yelling for Dr. Caron. Meanwhile, Dr. Caron is still talking to the donor on the phone when she gets the news that Nick cannot be a donor. She asks Ann Lloyd to come right away! It turns out she is doing her Master's degree in the city so she says she'll come right away. Back in the hospital room, Nick is trying to get his wife subdued when the news comes that the egg donor is on her way.

Ridge and Brooke are dressed to the nines and participating in a photo shoot. They are posing in front of a fireplace and the photos are looking pretty intimate. The photographer says the shoot is a wrap, and shows them the pictures - noting that the chemistry in undeniable - the camera doesn't lie.

Nick barges into the room where Bridget is looking at the computer screen and demands to know who the eggs belonged to - the donor, or Brooke!

In her hospital room with the doctor, Taylor says she wants to meet the donor, but is told that there is a confidentiality agreement, so she may not be able to!

Ridge and Brooke hang around Brooke's living room talking after the photo shoot and she invites him to stay until R.J. gets home from school. "You and I share so much Ridge, including a beautiful son, that is something I will never have with Nick."

Nick again demands of Bridget, "Is your mother the donor or not?" A shell-shocked Bridget sputters, "I'm so sorry Nick. The test I ran just confirmed it..." Nick is floored, "There's no chance of a mistake? How did this happen?! What am I going to tell Taylor." Bridget cautions him that Taylor's in no condition to hear this. Nick turns to face Bridget, "We'd better get your mother up here as soon as possible." Bridget is confused, "No, why?!" Nick takes a deep breath, "My son has SCIDS - without a marrow transplant he could die. I need your mother here - now."

As Ridge stands in front of the fireplace, Brooke comes into the room with two champagne glasses. They share a toast, and Ridge says, "We do go back, don't we? Here we are dressed to the nines making small talk." He reiterates to Brooke that they can't go back. Brooke muses, "If I could, it would be the day I flew back from Sydney into Nick's arms. You can't forgive me for that." She tells Ridge that she's not hung up on Nick anymore, "There's nothing between us. I don't share a son with him, I share a son with you. I'd like R.J. to grow up with both parents. I know we've been through alot, but in my heart I feel like this is the last chance to do what's right for R.J."

Nick sends Bridget to find Dr. Caron and get a hold of Brooke. He is agonized.

Brooke tells Ridge that she isn't trying to pressure him, but she looks at her life differently now - he supports and loves her, but what really matters is that she wants to be his 'Logan' again, "And I know you want the same thing." He looks at her intently and breaks into a smile. She exclaims, "You do! You want the same thing! I can see it in your eyes! Oh Ridge, I love you and I always will!" They begin to kiss...

Ridge and Brooke finish their lingering kiss and gaze at each other. The phone starts to ring. Ridge grins, "Could be the kids..." Brooke answers and Bridget tells her she needs her to come to the hospital right away, "It's nothing to worry about, I just need you to come now." Brooke hangs up and fills Ridge in on Bridget's call. He asks if she wants him to drive her. She smiles, "No, you stay here and don't you dare leave!" They kiss again and she runs out the door.

At the hospital, Bridget barges into the room where Dr. Caron is about to begin testing Ann Lloyd. Bridget tells her about the DNA test and that her mother is the true donor! Meanwhile, Taylor is agonizing over seeing the baby and wondering where Nick is. The nurse tries to settle her down. Outside the room, Nick watches as Brooke walks in looking for Bridget. He approaches her and guides her into an empty room. Nick begins to tell her about the baby when Bridget comes in. Bridget tells Brooke about Nick's son having SCIDS. Brooke is shocked. She asks if anything can be done. Bridget says a bone marrow transplant is needed from a biological parent. Brooke looks at Nick, "I'm confused. Shouldn't you be with the donor mother right now? What does this have to do with me?" Nick, taking a step toward her, tells her, "It has everything to do with you Brooke - everything..."