At the hospital, Taylor is recovering while the newborn screen is done. Dr. Caron says she'll do a more thorough exam too, since the baby was early. When Nick and Taylor hold the baby again, Bridget takes the blood sample and nods at Nick to meet her outside the room. Once outside and alone, Bridget tells Nick that she will take the DNA from the baby's blood sample and compare it to Brooke's.

Felicia warns Eric and Donna to watch out for Stephanie when she returns. Donna says Stephanie may never dare show her face again. Felicia says, "Alright, I've got to know now. What did she do?" Donna starts to answer, "It was vile..." Eric interrupts and prefaces his explanation by telling her - you'll wish you didn't know, and informs her that he hasn't told Thorne. When he starts to say it's about Brooke, Felicia rolls her eyes and says that tiffs with Brooke are commonplace. Eric tells her bluntly, "Your mother was involved in Brooke's rape!" Felicia is shocked.

Nick goes out to the waiting room and brings Jackie, Thomas and Phoebe in to see the baby. Bridget, meanwhile encounters Carl, and when she tries to get rid of him, he tells her he's been waiting months for the outcome of this test - and he isn't going anywhere!

Felicia sputters, "How?" Eric tells her that she met with Andy Johnson and encouraged him, which led to the rape. Donna spits, "All to keep her from Ridge!" Felicia goes over the events out loud, she tells them that she had called her mother from the restaurant the night that she saw Brooke with Andy. Donna and Eric fill in the details about what happened after that. Donna hisses, "Without Stephanie, my sister would've never been raped!"

In Taylor's hospital room, Jackie cuddles her new grandson as the proud parents look on. Thomas says that he's been talking to his dad and Brooke and people are worried. Nick asks him to get on the phone and pass the good news along. Taylor asks Jackie if she'll go back to the where the shower was and get some of the baby's clothes. Once they've left, the doctor comes in says, "No more visitors, I've got the lab results and there's a serious problem!"

Bridget takes out her frustrations on Carl as they await the results from the computer. Suddenly Carl grabs Bridget and kisses her on the mouth! It soon becomes apparent that he did it to get rid of an intern who had wandered into the room. After they part she screams, "If you do that again, I'll deck you!" Carl retorts, "Hey, it got rid of him, didn't it?!"

Felicia says it makes her sick that Brooke was raped, "But mother didn't know he was dangerous!" Donna explains that Stephanie gave him information that Andy was able to blackmail Brooke with, and that's why she never reported it to the police! Eric rages that Stephanie fled, leaving only a letter, not even having the guts to take responsibility for what she'd done!

Dr.Caron explains that the baby has an immunilogical disorder and that any infection could be fatal. His alarmingly low blood cell count led to the diagnosis. She explains that this sometimes happens when both parents have a recessive gene. The baby needs a bone marrow transplant, which can be done from a parent that is a half-match. Taylor says she's not the biological mother, but Nick says, "I'm the father, test me." The doctor agrees.

Bridget and Carl discuss the ramifications of the DNA test, as Nick tells the doctor that they can contact the donor in the case of the baby's health being at risk. The doctor says they will, but now the baby has to go into a sterile environment. Nick goes to the bed and takes the baby from Taylor's arms, he then gives it to the doctor and they take him away. Taylor starts crying and Nick comforts her.

Donna confronts Felicia about standing up for Stephanie - Felicia tells Donna that no matter what Stephanie's role in the rape was, it doesn't make it right what she's doing with Eric. She says Stephanie will come back and she and her father will work things out. She warns Donna that she should not mess with Felicia and gives her a shove.

The doctors start the process to test Nick, and to contact the donor, Ann Lloyd. Nick, meanwhile, tries to help Taylor deal with the news. In the other room, the doctor has Ann Lloyd on the phone and explains what is going on with the baby. She explains that the baby was born early and has an immunilogical disorder and needs a bone marrow transplant. She tells Ann that the very best chance at treatment is a half-match from a parent, "If the father doesn't work out, will you help us?"

Bridget continues to talk to Carl about how happy Taylor and Nick are together. She prays for the baby to not be her mom's. Suddenly Carl, who is seated at the computer, tells her the analysis is complete. She begs Carl to just tell her what it says - he looks uneasy....