At the Forrester's, Thomas has arrived with Taylor's bag for the hospital and Jackie is calling Dr. Caron to let her know about the labor. Bridget asks Nick how long it has been since the last contraction - before he can answer, Taylor says we need to go now! Jackie yells that the doctor will meet them at the hospital. Nick asks Bridget to ride with them because, "If this baby has to be delivered on the highway, it's not going to be by me!"

Ridge is telling Jarrett that all the companies will be absorbed into Forrester Creations. Jarrett is excited and the magazine will be going to press very soon. Ridge says he'll try to find his father for a picture. But Jarrett tells Ridge that he doesn't want a photo of Eric - he wants Ridge and Brooke, "That's the money shot!"

Eric comes into the house, "Donna what's going on? Jackie Marone nearly ran me over in the driveway!" Donna tells him that Taylor has gone into labor. A surprised Eric asks, "What? Will she be ok?" Donna says, "I hope so..."

Still at Forrester Creations, Jarrett is asking again for a photo of Ridge and Brooke together, "Or would that cause trouble at home?" Ridge tells him he'll get his picture. At that moment, Brooke comes in and Ridge asks Jarrett to leave. Brooke tells Ridge that Taylor went into labor.

Nick wheels Taylor into the hospital with her kids and Jackie in tow. Dr. Caron meets them in the entranceway. Bridget tells her the contractions are only a few minutes apart. Nick expresses concern about it being too early. The doctor doesn't expect complications. Nick tells Phoebe and Jackie the baby is coming now - Jackie is concerned. Nick follows Taylor and the doctor.

Eric speaks to Thomas on the phone, who assures him that Taylor and the baby have been admitted and should be okay. Eric gets off the phone and tells Donna that he still cares for Taylor - she was his daughter-in-law. She says that's why she cares for him because he is so loving. She then tells him that Katie knows about them and asks what he thinks about people finding out.

In the waiting area, Phoebe and Thomas discuss whether to stay and wait or go home and get clothes. Jackie tries to reassure them that everything will be alright. They should be excited! Jackie says she is, "Taylor has beautiful babies, but this is Nicky's first! You can't imagine how long he's waited to have this baby!" Phoebe is still nervous.

Brooke and Ridge discuss the baby coming early and the fact that Taylor has had problems in the past giving birth. Brooke notes that the babies were always healthy though. Ridge says she's really concerned, is that why she came over? Brooke says she's worried and thinking back to when Nick and Bridget lost their baby - it was very difficult. She tells Ridge she's just praying that this baby is okay...

Taylor is in alot of pain. Nick is frantic. Bridget tells him she's doing okay. Taylor screams again and the doctor says there will be a neo-natal unit ready because she doesn't know why Taylor went into labor. Suddenly an alarm goes off, the heart rate is dropping! The doctor tells Taylor to push but asks the nurse to prepare for a c-section just in case...

Eric tells Donna that the day he and Thorne talked he left the office before Eric could ask him to be quiet about this. When Donna questions why he wanted him to keep quiet, he explains that Stephanie should hear about this from him. Donna says Katie might tell Brooke... Eric assures Donna that he is not ashamed of what he feels about her, but when people find out they will have strong opinions. He asks if it's wrong to want to keep her to himself a while longer. She says of course not and they kiss. Suddenly they hear, "Oh my God!" They look up to see that Felicia has stumbled onto them!!

Bridget comes out and asks the nurses desk to prepare an OR stat. Jackie and the kids ask what is going on. She fills them in about the baby being in distress, and says that she'll tell them Jackie is praying for them, but now she's got to go.

Brooke tells Ridge it's not her place to go down to the hospital, but she will call Bridget. Bridget answers but says she's got to go, there's a problem with the baby's heartbeat! Brooke hangs up and tells Ridge.

Carl is hounding Bridget about DNA test. She keeps saying, "Not now, Carl, stay out of it!"

Ridge tries to reassure Brooke that the baby will be okay. When he questions why she is so concerned for this child, she explains that she's worried for Nick's sake. Also, it will be Thomas and the girls' little brother or sister - how could she not love it?!

Back in the delivery room, the doctor is focused on getting the baby out, then figuring out what the problem with the baby is. Taylor is still pushing, Nick is coaching..."C'mon baby, you can do it!"

Felicia cries, "Daddy what the hell are you doing? And with Donna?! This needs to stop!" Donna tries to talk, and Felicia tells her she doesn't get to talk. Felicia tells Eric that whatever Stephanie did she doesn't deserve this. Donna pipes up, "Maybe she does!" Felicia tells him it's not too classy taking his son's leftovers. Eric tries to demand that she stop talking that way. She asks if it's an affair, and what Stephanie did to deserve this!

Brooke and Ridge discuss how blessed they've all been having healthy kids. He says family and kids are all that matter. Brooke muses, "I hope that Taylor and Nick can have that too..."

The doctors' decide to do a c-section, but another contraction hits and Taylor pushes again. Suddenly, a baby's cries are heard. Nick says, "You did it!" Bridget tells them it's a boy. Nick and Taylor are so happy, "A son!" Bridget brings him over the couple and hands him to his mother. They gaze adoringly at the baby swaddled in a blue blanket. "A perfect little son," says Nick. Bridget goes out to the waiting room and spreads the good news, "a very healthy baby boy! Everyone's fine." They are all relieved. She goes back into the delivery room and Taylor tells her that Nick knew all along it would be a boy. He says, "Pretty cute for a bald guy!" Nick is in awe of his new son...