Ridge and Brooke continue kissing on his bed. They pause and look at each other with wonder. Ridge gets up and he and Brooke discuss whether to act on the feelings they have. Brooke asks him if he really wants to move on, if he really cares about Ashley as much as her. Brooke says she's going to Taylor's baby shower. Ridge is surprised she was invited. Brooke tells him there was no reason not to, she's been supportive of Taylor's marriage to Nick and there isn't any animosity between the two of them anymore.

Back at home, Nick welcomes Thomas, telling him it was nice of him to come and spend time with his mother before the new baby comes. Nick asks about the possibility of Steffi coming as well, but Thomas says that his sister is too obsessed with school. Nick tells Thomas how much he loves his mother. Thomas says that his mother feels the same way about Nick.

As the gifts are being opened, Taylor is experiencing some physical discomfort. Felicia leans over to Ashley and comments on Brooke being a no-show. Suddenly Donna enters. Jackie jumps up and says to her, "This is a baby shower, nobody ordered a stripper." Donna looks aghast!

Rick is fitting dresses on two models, and they are asking him to bring them along to Paris with him. Ridge interrupts and as the models leave, the two men start to bicker. Rick calls Ridge on being engaged to Ashley while keeping his mother dangling - he wants a front row seat to see it all crash.

Nick is candid with Thomas, he tells him that he knows he used to want his parents back together... Thomas stops him and says, "I talk to my mother alot. You make her happy, keep doing what you're doing."

As Taylor thanks Donna for her gift, Jackie asks who invited her. Felicia says you did - she's your friend. Not since the company was sold. Felicia tells her to drop whatever issue she has while in the Forrester house. Just then, Brooke comes in and gives Taylor a photo album. Ashley asks Brooke if there was a two-for-one deal on albums. Brooke notes that Ridge seemed to like his... Taylor thanks everyone for the gifts, and says she never thought she'd be going through a pregnancy again. Bridget looks uncomfortable.

At Forrester Creations, Rick and Ridge continue to argue. Rick jabs at Ridge about going up to Big Bear with his mother and tells him that Ashley won't buy his crap, "The ring won't blind her." He tells him it makes his skin crawl to have him near his mother again too. Ridge accuses Rick of wanting Ashley for himself. Rick admits it. He says he lost her and he's learning from my mistakes, not repeating them like Ridge. Ridge smirks, "You've got this all figured out don't you?" Rick tells him the wedding dress design is some of the best work Ridge has ever done - too bad it will go to waste. Reconsidering, he says maybe she will wear it and he'll be the one with the best view in the house!

Jackie tells Donna that Eric's not at the house. Donna quips, "Are you sure? Have you checked the bathroom?" Jackie tells her she's outraged at what she's done. She warns Donna about what will happen when Stephanie gets back.

Brooke and Ashley move aside to talk, Ashley tells Brooke she's going to Paris right after the shower. Brooke teases, "You're not afraid to leave Ridge here all alone?" Ashley flatly tells her, "If I was I wouldn't be going." Ashley goes to say goodbye to Taylor who has picked up on the tension. Brooke talks to Felicia who asks how she's doing. Brooke tells her it feels good to be out. Asking for everyone's attention, Brooke makes a speech about how proud she is to be here, and tells Taylor she congratulates her, and says as much as she'd like another baby she will leave the stretch marks and dirty diapers to her. Taylor thanks her and says this is nice because they haven't always been the best of friends, but they've worked on their issues and she is just so happy to be having this baby with the most handsome man... "Don't stop now!" They all turn to see Nick. Taylor says, "Uh, Honey, this is for girls!" Nick answers, "I know, but I have a surprise. Enter!" Thomas comes into the room. "Thomas!" Taylor runs to him for a hug.

Ridge tells Rick that he's getting a bit ahead of himself with plans to get Ashley back, and warns him about trying to undermine their relationship. Rick says he hasn't had to do much, because Ridge won't leave Brooke alone. Ridge tells him that Brooke has herself convinced it can work between them; a simple life with their kids, with no complications. Rick smirks, "Ridge, with you, there are always complications.

Thomas makes a toast to new brother or sister, "You are one lucky kid. Your mom is terrific, and your dad gives great gifts! I've been worried about mom, being so far away, it's good to be here and see how happy she is." Nick starts joking about what goes on at baby showers, "...and with all these gadgets what do the parents do these days?" Nick starts to make a toast, but is interrupted when Taylor screams and doubles over in pain, "The baby's coming, it's too early honey, it's too early!"