Donna and Brooke are chatting, Donna says, "Sis, don't leave me hanging, so you gave him the photo album and..." Brooke smiles, "He got caught up in the memories." Donna asks if Ridge went home last night. Brooke says he went home, he's committed to Ashley, but she can't help believing there's another chance for them. Donna says she hopes so for Brooke's sake. Brooke says she's leaving for Taylor's baby shower, and asks Donna if she wants to drive together. Donna says no, she has to wait to talk to Katie, she left a message and seems to have a bee in her bonnet! As Brooke leaves, Donna compliments her again on the album idea.

Ridge wakes up to find Ashley already up, dressed, and looking through the memories album that Brooke made him. Ashley is curt, "So you went over there and ended up reminiscing!" Ridge tells Ashley he thinks the album was Brooke's way of saying goodbye. He asks, "Do you think it's inappropriate?" She tells him it was inappropriate, for him to accept it and for him to bring it home, "I've been understanding, but this..." she sighs bitterly, "I got you something too, just one little photo, it doesn't compare to entire album." She throws the album down, "I've had it!"

Nick drops Taylor off for her baby shower. She goes in and closes the door, just as Bridget comes up the walkway. Nick stops her and says he need to speak to her. Inside, Jackie and Felicia welcome Taylor. Taylor thanks Felicia for the shower, and Felicia says Jackie helped too. Jackie tells Taylor theres is nothing she wouldn't do for the woman giving my son the child he has always wanted. Outside, Nick asks Bridget if the test can be done without Taylor knowing. When she says it can't, he says, "Alright then, case closed."

Katie comes down the stairs and Donna says, "Hey sis!" Katie clucks her tongue and shakes her head,"I can't even look at you, what you're doing is're disgusting!" Donna looks surprised and offended.

Ridge apologizes to Ashley and says it was insensitive of him to bring the album home, "Nothing happened, we just looked at pictures and reminisced..." Ashley is angry, "That's not what you went there for! I can't go through with this wedding! I'm not going to do this to myself, or my little girl. You have to want this as much as I do!" Ridge notes that this sounds like it's going to be an ultimatum. She continues, "I'm going to Paris after Taylor's shower, and you need to decide what you want." He interrupts, "I want you Ashley." She ignores him, "If that's what you still want when I get back, then you'll have to tell Brooke." He reiterates that he loves her and will deal with Brooke once and for all. They kiss and hug, Ashley has tears in her eyes.

Katie wants to know what Donna is thinking seducing Eric Forrester! "First the son, then the father?! His marriage is in crisis, and you're taking advantage of that! What's happened to you, do you think so little of yourself?"

Bridget asks Nick to think things through very carefully before he discounts the testing, "How would this affect you if the mother is Brooke?" Nick is absolute, "Taylor is the mother and that's how it's going to be!"

Taylor tells Jackie and Felicia that Nick feels the baby will be a boy. Jackie excitedly says, "Only 3 weeks to wait!" Ashley arrives and apologizes if she's late. Felicia says, "I bet my big brother had something to do with that?!" Taken aback, Ashley seems testy, "Felicia!"

Ridge is towelling off after his shower at home when Brooke walks into the room. She assures him she saw Ashley's car drive away. He's annoyed that she's there. She tells him she slept better last night than she has since the rape, all because of him...

Donna defends herself to Katie, "Don't you judge me!" Katie retorts, "I'm trying not to but you've left yourself wide open. Thorne is beside himself!" Donna sneers, "And that's who you're worried about isn't it - I can't believe I didn't see it before, you have crush on him. That's why you broke up my wedding!" She assures Katie that what she and Eric share is real and they both feel good about it. Katie mocks, "You really think he'll marry you, don't you. God, you are delusional!"

Bridget goes inside and joins the others at Taylor's shower. She compliments Felicia on what a great job she's done, and Felicia then suggests she do a shower for Ashley. Ashley looks distinctly uncomfortable.

Brooke asks Ridge why he's suddenly so sensitive. She sees the album laying open and he explains that Ashley was looking at it. Brooke assumes that it upset her. Ridge asks if she's sure she didn't mean for that to happen. Brooke insists she made the album because it was therapeutic. Ridge reiterates that he's fallen in love with Ashley and tells Brooke that they'll never have what they once did again. "Ashley and her little girl need to know that I'm committed to them." Brooke asks if he's sure he can do that knowing there are still feelings between the two of them. Ridge is aggravated, "Stop! You've got to let me go! For everyone's sake here, Let me go!"

Donna is livid with Katie, "Delusional! This is my life and I'll live it however I please!" Katie rolls her eyes, "Ah, the Logan mantra! Do you know what it's been like growing up with you and Brooke as sisters?! People whispering behind my back, I've lived with it my whole life!" Donna is gives it right back, "You're embarrassed by us! Maybe if you weren't so holier-than-thou, you'd have some fun in your life! What Eric and I have is real and I'm not wasting any more time being scolded by you! Katie is still disgusted, "So it feels good and that's all that matters!" Donna tells her she wasn't looking forward to Taylor's shower, but now it sounds like a good idea to go. Katie asks if she thinks Felicia would've invited her if she knew Donna was sleeping with her father. Donna says that Felicia's no saint either, and anyway, someday she might be her step-daughter! Katie is horrified.

Back at the baby shower, Felicia asks Ashley if she and Ridge are thinking of sneaking off to Paris to elope. Ashley dryly assures her they're not. Felicia wonders where Brooke and Donna could be. Ashley says under her breath, "I know where she'd better not be!"

Brooke tells Ridge it can't be over. He says resignedly, "It's not. We're parents together, we'll always be a part of each other's lives, but I'm committed to Ashley, we're good together. I want you to be happy too. You've been through hell lately." Brooke sits down on the edge of the bed, "I really believe you're the only man I'll ever want, but if you say you love Ashley, then I'll play the role of the good ex-wife who doesn't cause any trouble, because I don't want to give you one more minute of heartache..." Ridge sits down beside her and reaches to stroke her hair, "Ah Logan. Logan, Logan, Logan." He leans over and kisses her. They break apart and look at each other, he goes in for another kiss, then stops. Suddenly, as they look into one another's eyes, there is mutual assent and they start kissing deeply, passionately. Their arms go around one another and they fall back on the bed, beside the memories album which is still laying open to the last page Ashley was looking at....