Bridget has just finished telling Nick that a new procedure has become available that would tell them who the eggs belonged to. He is irritated, "New procedure?! Look, I've already settled this in my mind, it doesn't matter who the donor is, Taylor is the mother! Besides, according to you, the chances of the eggs belonging to someone other than the donor are zero, right?" Bridget says she just wanted to let him know, so that he had the option. He explains to her that he doesn't want to stress Taylor out or jeopordize the pregnancy, at that moment Brooke walks in and having overheard, asks, "Is something wrong with Taylor?"

Ridge and Eric are on their way up to Eric's office at Forrester Creations, Ridge is saying that it's absurd, Nick's condition; he can't believe that the deal Eric struck with Nick is contingent on Stephanie being kept out of the business. Eric asks him to keep it between them, for now. Ridge wants to know what to say when everyone asks about 'mother'. Eric tells him to merely reply that Stephanie is out of town.

Nick and Bridget cover what their conversation was really about and change the subject with Brooke. Bridget kisses Brooke and Nick and leaves. He turns to Brooke, "I thought you'd be stopping by." Brooke asks if he is sure about selling the company back to Eric and Stephanie.

When Ridge and Eric open the door to his office, all of Eric's family are inside holding an impromptu party to celebrate. Ridge confesses that he was behind the 'surprise'. Everyone congratulates Eric and champagne is all around, he is pleased to see his things are back in the office. Donna thanks everyone for putting everything back the way it was for Eric. Eric makes a speech that Forrester Creation is back! The way it should be!

Nick tells Brooke that he sold the company back to Eric on the condition that Stephanie have nothing to do with it ever again. Brooke says, "I won't even ask how you pulled that off!" They begin to discuss Brooke's position at Forrester Creations. Nick sneers, "It's the 'dressmaker' isn't it, you want to be with the 'dressmaker'..." Brooke says defensively, "I love him. Ashley thinks she has the right to be with him, and so do I. I would've been with you, but when I came back you were committed to Taylor, and I respect that." Nick thanks her for that. She continues, "Now that Stephanie won't be in the way anymore, Ridge is my future. I will always love you though."

Eric raises his glass, "To each and every one of you! For standing by me! We started little Forrester Originals and brought it up to compete with this company, the best in the world, Forrester Creations, and win!" Felicia pipes up, "Here's to taking both labels straight to the top!" Eric smiles, "Here, Here!" Thorne says, "There's only one thing missing from this celebration..." Eric answers, "Your mother." Thorne assents, "We all know something's going on." Felicia jumps in, "We know you'll work it out..."

Nick is now talking to his mother, who has just started telling him what happened at Eric's, Nick raises his voice, "Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Back up! A bubble bath at Eric's?!" Jackie defends herself, "I wanted to celebrate! But instead of Eric, a woman walked in, dressed in a towel and dropped it right in front of me! You'll never guess who it was!" Nick is blase, "You're right, I'll never guess, mother." She shouts, "Donna!" Nick, who had already figured it out, simply says, "Imagine that."

Eric tells the family that he is under no obligation to honor Garrison's contract and they all share a laugh. In the corner of the room, Ashley tells Ridge she knows he was at Big Bear. Just then, Brooke comes in and congratulates Eric. They are all glad to see her (except Ashley). Eric asks if she'll be staying with the company. Brooke answers, "Well that depends, if no one has a problem with me staying?" Eric won't entertain such nonsense, "You're as much a part of this company as everyone else, of course you'll stay!" The other Forresters agree. Brooke says, "Thank you everybody, I can't wait to be a part of this family again!" They all toast to Brooke. Ash looks ill.

Eric booms that it's official then, Brooke is a part of the team! Brooke smiles, "Unless anyone objects." Ashley pipes up, "You're an asset to the company, anyone would be a fool not to see that." Eric starts delegating jobs to everyone and they leave the office. Ashley and Ridge continue their conversation. He tells her that he went to Big Bear because Brooke thought she saw Andy. Ash says she's sorry that happened but why did Ridge have to go, "Her sisters know, why couldn't they have gone? Because only you'll do right?!" Ashley abruptly says she's got work to do and storms from the office. Brooke looks on.

Jackie is venting on Nick, "Donna knows how I feel and yet off she goes! I thought she was my friend! How stupid could I be?!"

Brooke wanders over and tells Ridge, "We were lucky Ashley didn't blackball me." Ridge sighs, "She knows you're an asset to the company." Brooke reminds him, "We'll be working in very close proximity, do you think she can handle that?" Ridge doesn't look sure.

Ridge tells Brooke, "Ashley is professional, you don't have to worry about that." Brooke tells Ridge that she has a session with Beth at her house tonight, and asks if he could be there. He tells her he has plans with Ashley. She tells him what a godsend it was having him there the last time, but if he'd rather be with Ashley... He says he'll move some things around so he can attend the session and see Ashley later, "I told you I'd see you through this, Logan, and I will. You can count on me." Ridge leaves and Ashley walks in. Brooke tells her she just missed Ridge. Ashley says, "Thanks for the update." Brooke says, "Look, if you have a problem with my working here.." Ashley stops her and says, "My issues with you go much deeper than that!"

Nick tells his mother that Eric and Donna's affair won't be a secret for long. Jackie says, "Oh my God! Can you imagine Thorne finding out that the woman he almost married is sleeping with his father!"

Eric and Donna find themselves alone in his office. He is thanking her for helping him get his company back and she is complimenting his creative vision. Suddenly he turns serious. He says "I can't keep my mind off the one woman that neither one of us wants to think about." Donna tells him to remember that the deal wouldn't have gone through if she had been here, "When your wife comes back, you'll divorce her and move on. The rest of your life will be full of fun and happiness and success! They are embracing now, he says, "Tell me about the fun part again..." They kiss passionately, forgetting where they are and Thorne walks in. Thorne's face registers total shock!

Ashley and Brooke are facing off. Ashley says, "I question your ability to stick to business, you have a tendency to blur the lines! I've been watching you operate all day, clearly my phone call fell on deaf ears!" Brooke tells her, "Look, I thought I saw Andy!" Ashley says that must have been awful, but, "Why did you have to call Ridge, why not one of your sisters or your grown daughter?! Did you even try?! You have a support system, Brooke!" Brooke hisses, "Ridge is the only one who truly understands me!" Ashley crosses her arms, "So, that's your response to my request?" Brooke spits, "Request?!," she mimics Ashley, "Stay away from him Brooke!" Ashley is angry, "Look, this is done! I'm talking to Ridge tonight and telling him - this ends!" Brooke is unphased, "Go ahead and talk to him - we have a history..." Ashley is furious, "Are you going to use that tired line every time you feel threatened?! Now you want him to attend your counseling sessions?! I heard you ask him! I heard your 'pitch', and when he said no you made him feel guilty! I just want to know how low you're going to go! It's one thing to go after another woman's fiance, but if you're going to use your rape to manipulate Ridge..." Brooke slaps Ashley hard across the face, "Use my rape?!" Brooke is vehement, "Don't you ever say that to me again!" Ashley silently rubs the side of her face...