Brooke and Ridge watch R.J. sleep and discuss how kind and smart he is and how proud they are of him. Brooke says she's proud that he's growing up a Forrester, in spite of Stephanie, and is happy that she can share R.J.'s life with Ridge.

Rick, at Forrester Originals, gets off the phone with Bridget and calls Brooke to pass on a message. Brooke answers and he tells her that Bridget has to reschedule their plans because she's on call at the hospital tomorrow. He hears Ridge in the background and she confirms that there was a change in plans. "Hmm," he says thinking. Ashley walks in and Rick tells her the sketch of the wedding dress might end up being for his Mom.

Donna enters Nick's office where he is packing up. Nick asks why it seemed she was pushing to sell the company to Eric. She replies, "It was the best thing for everyone." He smirks, "Including you?" She says, "That depends on my severance package." Nick asks if Eric is really going to divorce Stephanie. Donna reminds Nick that Eric gave his word. Nick says he decided if he wanted to know the true answer to his question he should ask the woman Eric's currently sleeping with! Donna is surprised that he has figured it out!

Meanwhile, at the Forrester mansion, Jackie is pouring champagne and lighting candles as she sits in Eric's bubble bath! Eric walks in exclaims, "What are you doing?!" Jackie smiles, "Celebrating! You've got your company back," she toasts, "and here's to the end of Stephanie and the beginning of us!"

Jackie smiles up at Eric, "Come on in!" Eric is uncomfortable, "I'd like to Jackie, but I can't." She winks and cajoles him about what a gentleman he is - not coming in because he's still married. He clears his throat, "Actually, there's a little more to it..." But Jackie isn't getting the hint. He tries being more direct, "Jackie, you need to get a towel and get out of there." Suddenly his phone rings and he leaves the room to take it, and Jackie says she's not going anywhere.

Ashley and Rick are arguing about Brooke and Ridge, he tells Ashley that she'll never be able to compete since their relationship is so strong. She says that Brooke and Ridge aren't happening. He retorts, "Really? Then why are they spending the night together at Big Bear right now?"

Ridge tells Brooke it is nice to be together at Big Bear with R.J. for a quiet time before the coming excitement of the wedding and all. Brooke laments that they will be raising R.J. apart. He reiterates that he's marrying Ashley. Brooke says when she sees how R.J. looks at Ridge and loves being with him, and how she loves being with him...could he just not forgive her one last time...

Donna arrives at Eric's house and hears noises coming from the tub. She calls out but there is no answer. She smiles, "I could use a tub!"

Jackie luxuriates in the tub as Donna drops her robe and steps into the bathroom naked. "Jackie!" "Donna!" They exclaim. A shocked Donna asks, "What are you doing here?" A more shocked Jackie indignantly says, "I think you better answer that first!"

Ashley asks Rick if he's sure it's true that Ridge is at Big Bear. Rick confirms and adds, "He's fickle." Ashley braces herself, "Well then, there must be an explanation." Rick tells her, "There's always an explanation! That's how Ridge operates! You'll always be wondering if he's with my Mom! I can offer you so much more..."

Ridge begs Brooke to stop talking about 'them'. Especially in front of RJ. Brooke says, "He's sleeping." Ridge moves her away from he sleeping boy to continue their conversation. Brooke implores, "You didn't just come up here because I was scared, you love me!" Ridge reiterates that he's not there to rekindle their romance. Brooke is insistent, "If it's not love, then what is it?"

Eric joins the two ladies in the bathroom. A humiliated Jackie is told that he's sorry, but he and Donna are together, and they aren't just having some fling. Jackie is aghast, "Are you telling me you actually have feelings for Donna? You've got to be kidding?!"

Jackie, still sitting in the tub, says, "So you two really are involved? You know what they say, 'Two is company, three is an awkward situation.'" Donna says she feels so terrible. Eric turns to Donna, "Let's give her some privacy." But Jackie is displaying her outrage, "No! I'm leaving!" Jackie steps out naked right in front of them and grabs a robe. She says to Donna, "Congratulations, he's quite a catch!" Donna asks her, "So, are we still friends?" At that, Jackie grab ahold of Donna and throws her into the full bathtub, "Absolutely not! You pressured Nicky to sell the company, and you," she turns on Eric, "led me to believe there would something between us if your marriage ended. Damn both of you!" She stomps out, leaving Eric looking stupidly at a soaking wet Donna sputtering in the tub.

Ridge is getting frustrated with Brooke. She snidely says, "I know, you want to jump in the car and go back to L.A. to your precious Ashley!" He calmly reminds her, "She my fiancee." Brooke hisses, "She's a distraction!" Ridge asks if that is what Brooke told Ashley when she confronted her. She says, "Yes!" She tells him that R.J. is going to want to see him and be with him. Ridge sighs that he would like to be able to give R.J. what he wants, but he loves Ashley. Brooke challenges, "Like you love me?" Ridge picks up his jacket and heads for the door, "Tell R.J. that I had to go."

Ashley is furiously dialling Brooke's cellphone. At the cabin, the phone rings and Brooke answers. Ashley demands to speak to Ridge. Brooke says flatly, "He's not here." Ashley flies gives a warning, "Ridge and I are getting married Brooke, whether you keep interfering or not!" Brooke says she's not going to interfere anymore, but Ashley isn't listening, "Stay away! You had your chance, Brooke! Ridge is mine!" Ashley slams the phone down. Brooke puts down the phone and shakes her head, then she goes back to stroking R.J.'s head and thinking...