In the cabin at Big Bear Brooke is crouched between the furniture, whispering to herself, "What is happening to me?!"

Ashley and Ridge are at Forrester Originals, kissing, when Ashley stops and tells Ridge they've got to get their invitations out. She picks up the clipboard with the guest list on it and notices that Stephanie's not on it. She asks Ridge about it, "Can't you forgive her for the custody issue?" He replies, "My mother has done alot of unforgivable things. It's not your worry." She flirts, "It is if it affects you!" Ridge starts running his hands over her body. When she asks what he's doing he replies that he's measuring her for the wedding dress. "Where's your measuring tape?" she asks playfully. He holds up his fingers and does a mocking thing with his hands, "You're the last woman I'm ever going to measure this way." She smiles, "Good answer!" Having work to do, Ashley leaves and the phone rings. Ridge answers and hears, "He was here!" He is thrown for a moment, "Who?" Brooke hisses into the phone, "Andy!" Ridge says, "Brooke, Andy's dead." He asks where R.J. is, if he's okay. Brooke explains that he's fine, out in the tent. She cries, "I'm in the cabin! I don't know what to do!" Ridge moves quickly, "Stay there Logan. I'll be right there!"

At Forrester Creations, Jackie is pacing the office, asking Nick, "Are you sure about this deal with Eric?" Nick replies that he just wants to make sure that Stephanie has nothing ever to do with Forrester Creations in the future. The office door opens and Donna says "Eric Forrester to see you." Eric enters and Nick asks, "What's it going to be? Prestige? The power to make your own decisions? Or Stephanie?!"

Eric tells Nick that this is, "Anything but a simple decision." Nick smirks, "Not from where I stand!" Eric nods, "We all know how you feel about Stephanie..." Nick tells him he's conceding nothing, he could turn around the company if he felt like it. He then asks if they have a deal. Eric starts to berates him, "You stole my company, you took advantage of a terrible accident..." Jackie cuts him off and tells the two men, "Look, you were both defending women you loved!" Donna jumps into the fray, "This is win-win for everybody! Let's not let this opportunity pass us by!" Nick gives her a strange look. Suddenly, Eric agrees to the deal. Nick is wary, "Will you divorce Stephanie?" Eric delflects, "She will never have any part in this company, I promise you that..."

Brooke is still hiding in the cabin, trying to convince herself the visions of Andy aren't real, when she hears a car door shut. When the door to the cabin opens she screams, "No, Go away! No!" She sees it's Ridge and falls into his arms with relief. He soothes her and whispers gentle words.

Nick is getting angry, "Eric! Either you divorce Stephanie, or there's no deal!" Eric comes back at him, "This is business, not an opportunity for you to meddle in my private life!" Nick is abrupt, "No deal!" Jackie seems frantic, giving Eric a little speech about how great this will all turn out. He looks at Jackie and says, "Alright! I'll end my marriage to Stephanie, you have my word on it." Nick profers the papers for Eric's signature. Once he has signed they shake hands and Nick says his attorneys will look after the details. Jackie comes close and tells Eric, "You won't regret this." Nick asks the ladies to leave with him, and Eric stands looking around the office with pride.

Ridge reminds Brooke that the counselor said she'd have good days and bad days. Brooke is impatient, "I can't wait until it's just a distant memory. Right now I still see him around every corner, every door, I can't breathe!" Ridge says, "You're doing fine, you have to keep going, I'll do everything I can to help you." She explains that she called him because it would have been too difficult to explain to the other parents. She says she's not scared now. He says, "Good, then I've accomplished what I came here to do. I've got to go." Brooke asks, "Do you have to?"

Eric is on the phone talking to Stephanie's voice mail, "You're still not picking up! Still not answering my messages! Because you know how disappointed I am that this could happen to Brooke because of you. You have responsibilities here, children that wonder where you are. You need to call me! Things are happening here and we need to talk!" Donna comes in and he tells her how refreshing it is to feel supported by her! She congratulates him and he is jubilant, telling her about all the wonderful memories the building holds for him. She gets caught up in his enthusiasm, "Now you can start over, without Stephanie!" He is suddenly serious, "Look, Donna, about my marriage..." She starts to panic, "No! Don't tell me you lied to Nick, you're not going to divorce Stephanie!" He protests, "I had to get my company back! I had to! I don't know what's going to happen with Stephanie, I don't even know if she's coming back! Donna sneers, "She'll be back and expect to be the matriarch of this family again!" Eric demures, "Maybe she will but it doen'st mean I'll accept her. The truth is this is a very confusing time for me, I don't know where things stand for Stephanie and me." Donna smiles, "Now I understand." Eric questions, "You do?" Donna speakds softly, "Do I think you should divorce her? Yes. Do I have a vested interest? Definitely. But most of all, I want you to have the passionate fulfilled life you deserve. Sharing it with a woman who appreciates everything about you." He smiles, "Appreciation?! That so often gets left out of daily life. I will always appreciate everything wonderful you've brought to my life Donna Logan." They share a quick kiss, and then embrace. Donna is crying.

Ashley walks into Ridge's office and sees a design of her in a wedding gown. It is breathtaking - she is very moved.

At Big Bear Brooke asks Ridge if he can spend the night. He tells her, "I don't think so. Are you okay?" She says, "I think so." At that moment, R.J. comes into the cabin saying he's scared by 'outside noises'. Brooke asks if he wants to stay in the cabin with her. R.J. pipes right up, "And Daddy?" Ridge tells him he used to be scared too, that's why Grandma and Grandpa built the cabin. R.J. says he's so glad Daddy changed his mind, "aren't you Mommy?" Brooke smiles, "Yes." They snuggle in, one on either side of R.J. in front of the fire.