At Forrester Creations, Eric is raising his voice to Nick, "Look, it's an attractive offer; much more than anyone else will offer in light of current circumstances!" Donna jumps in and reminds Nick that he also gets to keep the Jackie M boutiques. Nick reiterates that even though he doesn't care about Forrester Creations, he still won't sell to Eric and Stephanie! Eric states again that Stephanie is not involved. Jackie urges Nick that this might turn out better than imagined. Nick finally says "Alright Eric, you want to buy the company? End your marriage to Stephanie; she can never be part of this company again! Take some time to think about, but make sure you get back to me by tonight!" Eric leaves with Donna right behind him. Jackie raises an eyebrow...

Ridge tells Ashley he will design the most beautiful dress ever seen for her to wear at their wedding. Brooke raps on the door, she is wearing camping clothes. Ridge asks where the little camper is. Ridge tells Brooke that he told Ashley what happened with Andy. Brooke. peeved & surprised exclaims that she asked him not too! He tells her he had to because his being with her was causing alot of tension within his relationship. Ashley jumps in and assures Brooke that now that she knows, she is glad Ridge was there for her. She says that what happened to Brooke is awful, just awful. Suddenly, Ashley crosses the room and hugs Brooke.

R.J. has come in and is showing Ridge his whistle he's bringing camping in case he gets lost at Big Bear. He says he wants Daddy to come too. Brooke reminds him they talked about that. Ridge leaves with R.J. to look for something in the car, leaving Brooke alone with Ashley. Ashley asks Brooke if Hope is going too. Brooke replies, no, it's just for RJ's class. Ashley smiles, "He sure is happy little boy!" Brooke remarks, "He'd be happier if his Daddy were going along." Ashley gives her a knowing look.

Still at Forrester Creations, Nick and Jackie continue to discuss the deal that he offered to Eric. Jackie says there could be 'fringe benefits'. Nick hollers, "Fringe benefits! Oh my God, Mother! Don't tell me that you're still interested in Eric Forrester!"

Back at home, Eric is jubilant that Nick is considering the offer. He credits Donna for making it all happen. He kisses her. She says the company is as good as his. Eric says, "Maybe, but you told him my marriage to Stephanie is over, you don't know that. I don't know that. I know I haven't been acting like I'm married..." Eric abandons the thought, overcome with the idea of buying back his company, "Could this really happen?!" Donna says it really could, and begins to reiterate to Eric all the things he's done for Stephanie that have turned out to be thankless, "There's a whole new life waiting for you if you just let Stephanie go..."

Ashley challenges Brooke, saying that she feels Brooke wants Ridge on the camping trip for herself, not RJ. Brooke retorts, "It's no secret how I feel about Ridge, but you have secrets, don't you Ashley?" When Ashley looks unsure, Brooke continues, " You know, it amazes me how Ridge overlooks things you've done, like you sleeping with my son. I don't know how he could get over that...or are you sure he really has?"

Brooke continues to bait Ashley, "You had an affair with my son in Paris, which you hid from everyone - that's alot for a man to forgive!" Ashley sighs, "Let's not do this. Am I sorry, yes, that's why Ridge and I don't want any secrets between us. By the way, I'll never tell anyone about what happened to you. But you need to be clear; Ridge and I are getting married, and you can't keep running to him everytime you need someone. It's not fair to anyone, Brooke!" Brooke sneers, "I see. So you're putting me on notice!" At that moment, R.J comes in and shows off his flashlight that Daddy gave him. Brooke and R.J. leave,and Ridge asks Ashley what he walked in on, "Why do I get the feeling you were telling her how it is?" Ashley crosses her arms, "Maybe because I was!"

Jackie defends her 'fringe benefits' statement to Nick, " Look, you know I've never really gotten over Eric!" Nick angrily says, "He always goes back to the old ball and chain." Jackie quickly reminds him that if Eric accepts the offer, he'll have to divorce her. Nick still feels it's unlikely to play out that way. But Jackie is keen, "If he does divorce her he'll turn to me! Who else would he go to, there's no other woman in his life!"

Donna continues urging Eric to tell Nick that he's ending his marriage to Stephanie. In disbelief she asks, "Do you still have a shred of love for Stephanie?" Eric just sighs. Donna doesn't let up, "After everything she's done?!" Suddenly she sees the confused look on his face, "You can't imagine life without her, can you, no matter how hard you try?" Eric looks pained...

Brooke and the other parents have arrived at Big Bear and are discussing tent issues. R.J. comes in and asks Brooke if he can sleep out in the tent with the other boys. She says okay, and since they're short one tent she'll sleep in the cabin. They hug and off he goes.

Donna questions if Eric is going to let Stephanie back in his life, "Because you know she'll want to!" She calls Stephanie some more names, cold and impervious among them. Eric finally speaks, "Stephanie is manipulative and controlling and is, uh, trouble for everyone. I don't think I'll ever forgive her for what happened to Brooke. But she's still my wife..." Donna urgently asks, "But not for long, right?" Suddenly Nick phones and asks if Eric has had time to think. Eric says he'll be right over. Donna asks once again if he's going to divorce Stephanie and buy his company back, "Please tell me that's what your going to do, Eric!"

Ridge tells Ashley that he feels he let R.J. down. Ash says there will be lots of times spent together with Abby, Hope, RJ and the two of them. He tells her to be honest he's worried about Brooke - she may be trying to do too much, too soon...

Brooke is dozing off with a book by the fireplace, when she hears a noise. Thinking it's RJ, she says, "Come lay down with Mommy, sweetheart" But suddenly she hears a voice - Andy's - and she begins to yell as she sees him coming toward her, "No! You're dead! You got electrocuted!" Andy growls, "Ya' wanna' scream?! Knock yourself out!" As his maniacal laughter and the vision of him dissipates, Brooke lays shivering and sobbing, clutching her blanket on the cabin floor.