Still closed in the office with Ridge, Brooke berates herself for encouraging women to flaunt themselves in lingerie. Andy told me "You want it!" Ridge pleads with her, "You were attacked by a sick, violent man." Brooke continues, "He's still there, in my head. Laughing, taunting me. I could smell his cologne! How do I get Andy and Stephanie out of my life?! How?! Tell me!" Ridge soothes, "It's okay..."

Eric is surprised at home by Donna who is pacing and unsettled. She tells him what happened at the re-launch of Brooke's Bedroom when Brooke tried to model. She starts to get teary-eyed, expressing worry about her sister, and wondering aloud how Stephanie could have played a part in the rape.

In the lab at Forrester Originals, Rick is telling Ashley about the re-launch of Brooke's Bedroom. Unaware of what has happened, he rubs it in to Ashley that a call from his buddy alerted him to the fact that Ridge was backstage. Ashley is ticked off, "In the middle of our wedding planning he left to go watch your mother in lingerie?!"

Brooke tells Ridge she has to fight this - she must go back out there. Incredulous, Ridge says no. Nick comes in and asks what happened. Brooke turns and tells him straight out, "I thought I was ready, but I'm not." He is understanding, "Okay, that's okay."

Donna's still pacing, "Brooke's so fragile right now. I'm so worried about my sister!" Eric says, "She shouldn't be alone, you should..." But Donna cuts him off, "Ridge is with her." Donna starts in again on blaming Stephanie, becoming quite heated. Eric warns her violence solves nothing. Donna says she'd never harm Stephanie physically but she would like to see her held accountable for her actions, "Maybe then Brooke would feel better." Donna reminds Eric that he lost his company because of his wife. She goes on to imply that there might be hope for him to get it back, "after today".

Nick, Ridge and Brooke are in the office when Jackie walks in and sees all the damage. She starts blaming Ridge, but Nick stops her and asks her to go handle the press. Brooke apologizes to Nick for "blowing it" for the company. He tells her just to focus on caring for herself. He leaves to help Jackie with the press. Brooke asks Ridge to take her home. He says he will, but they have to make a stop first. She needs more help than he can give her, and she's going to get it, today...

Eric smirks at Donna, "Nick will never sell me the company back." Donna says, "He may have no choice." Eric wants to know why. Donna tells him, "You need to get back to the company you love." Eric asks her point blank, "You work for Nick, so does your sister. Where's your loyalty? Are you thinking about what's best for me or how to get back at Stephanie?"

Ridge and Brooke are at the therapist's office. His cell rings and it's Ashley. She wants to continue their wedding planning. He responds, "I'm with Brooke right now." Ashley says she heard that. Ridge says, "Look, I can't talk right now." Ashley replies tautly, "That's good, because I'd probably says something I'd regret!" She hangs up. Ridge tells Brooke that he and Ash were talking about her. The therapist comes out and invites Brooke into her office. Brooke asks that Ridge be allowed to stay. When the therapist asks what brought her there, Brooke looks distinctly uncomfortable.

Back in the aftermath of the Forrester Creations show, Jackie asks Nick, "What the hell happened today?" Nick won't discuss except to say, "We're moving on." Jackie retorts, "Without Brooke the only place we're going is bankruptcy court!"

Donna urges Eric to call the Marones and go in for the kill. She says she's doing it because of the dimple in his chin, because he's so cute, and he needs an identity reminder - of the man he used to be. She strips down to the lingerie she was modeling on stage. Eric remarks that, "I see Garrison stole another one of my designs." He pretends to check out the construction and stitching of the lingerie as he takes it off Donna's body. She purrs, "See how much they need you?" They start kissing passionately...

Brooke has told the therapist, Beth, that she was raped, and tries to explain her humiliation, and what was going on in her life at the time. She says she wonders if it wasn't her own fault because of her public image. The therapist tells her that encouraging women to enjoy their sensuality is not a reason to be punished. No woman deserves to be raped, no matter what their job or what they wear. Brooke guiltily tells Beth about showering right afterward. Beth says not all rape victims react the same, but very few think about 'building a case' right afterward. She also tells Brooke she's not alone, every 2 1/2 minutes a woman is raped. She gives her some literature to read over and excuses herself. Brooke and Ridge discuss his regret that he wasn't able to stop his mother before this happened to her. He encourages her to stick with the counseling, telling her he'll be there with her every step of the way, "You know how much I love you right?" He tells her soon she'll be back to her 'silly old self'. Brooke asks if he's sure. Ridge kisses her lips and strokes away her tears, "Yeah, I'm sure...I'm sure..."