The pre-fashion show bustle is on for Forrester Creations. Brooke arrives and Nick leaves Jackie's side to talk to her. Brooke remarks to Nick that it's "Like a hive in here!" He says, "A hive with no honey, honey! You're the honey. Sure you're ready?" Brooke takes a deep breath, "Like I told you last night, I need this." When Clarke calls Nick over, she smiles, "Go! You do your thing, I'll do mine..." However, she looks very unsettled.

Ridge and Ashley are going through their calendars, trying to settle on a wedding date. She asks him why Stephanie isn't having input - he says she's not going to be interfering in their marriage. A little bewildered, Ash mentions, "You still haven't told me what's going on with Brooke." He acknowledges that, no, he hasn't. She asks if she's just supposed to trust him when it comes to his ex-wife. At that moment, Katie walks in. Ashley kisses Ridge and leaves, giving Katie a fixed stare as she goes. Katie apologizes to Ridge for the interruption, but "Brooke is about to do something she's not ready for." He asks why she has come to him. Katie tells Ridge, "Brooke needs you..."

Backstage at the show, Jackie and Clarke are giving Brooke a pep talk. Jackie tells her, "Get out there and make every man want you!" Brooke looks really uncomfortable - so does Nick. Brooke takes her lingerie and hesitates as she heads off to change. Jackie's voice rings out, "You're about to give the most memorable performance of your life!" The music begins, and Clarke and Jackie try to motivate the models saying things like, "Sexy!" "Elegant!" and, "Go get 'em girls!" as the fashion show starts with the first two models heading down the runway.

In reaction to Katie telling him about Brooke's intention of modeling lingerie in the show, Ridge asks Katie,"What the hell is Marone thinking?! Modeling lingerie after...." He is sputtering, unable to finish his sentence in outrage. Katie says, "She thinks she's ready, maybe I shouldn't have come to you, but somebody needs to do something about this!" Ridge agrees, "You're right!" He flies past her and out the door. She calls, "Where are you going?"

Donna models a blue and black number with garters. Nick worries that there isn't enough response from the audience. He blusters to his mother, "You do realize we're losing $100,000 a day!" She nods, "Yes, the key to turning things around is Brooke." Donna has come off the runway and overhears; she looks worried. Brooke is in her robe looking in the mirror - Donna startles her when she comes up from behind. She tells her Clarke is frantically looking for her. Donna tries to reassure Brooke, then runs off. Brooke stands looking in the mirror and removes the robe. She begins to hear Andy's voice in her head telling her she wanted it, and saying things about her sexy lingerie. She says "Stop it!" out loud, and tries to talk herself into going through with the show.

Nick is really upset and worried, "The press knows these are just copies of Eric's designs!" Donna says, "No, Clarke made enough changes." Donna heads out onto the runway again. She is joined by two other models. The reaction is 'polite'. As Clarke and Nick watch from backstage, Ridge comes up behind them. "She shouldn't do this!" The pair begin arguing about Brooke is up to modeling. Ridge asks if Nick pressured her. Brooke overhears and comes to their side, telling Ridge it was her decision. Jackie notices and asks Ridge what he's doing there, but Brooke reassures them that she'll talk to Ridge and then he'll leave. Nick and Jackie allow her to talk to him alone. She tells Ridge she needs to do this, to get Brooke Logan back. He reluctantly agrees to back off. She kisses his cheek and excuses herself.

Brooke is looking out from backstage at the audience. As she looks at a man's face, he becomes Andy, saying, "Lay down in your underwear..." She is aghast and turns and runs. Jackie takes the stage and announces Brooke Logan, "our showstopper", but Brooke unbeknownst to Jackie, has locked herself in the office, leaving Jackie onstage looking foolish. She announces her name again, telling them she is "a lady worth waiting for...."

When Brooke still doesn't come out on stage, Nick goes ballistic looking for Brooke, but no one has seen her. She is in the office looking at all the lingerie and 'Brooke's Bedroom' signage and starts having a meltdown, ripping things apart and yelling. She spots herself in the full-length mirror and her image begins to distort. She hears Andy's laughter, which causes her to scream, "NO!" and cry.

Katie is still at Forrester Originals, and is on the phone saying to an unknown person, "Look, there's alot going on. I can't get into another fight..!" Ashley returns just then and Katie hangs up. Ashley confronts Katie about coming to send Ridge running after Brooke. When Katie says, "Okay, it's been nice, bye-bye..." Ashley stops her, warning her that if she doesn't want her sister to be hurt, to make sure she stays away...

Ridge has discovered Brooke in the office, standing in front of the mirror. She turns, "I wanted to do it Ridge, but I don't think I can. It's true, what Andy said, I'm flaunting it. It's true, what Stephanie said." She gestures at the lingerie she is wearing. "I can't stand what this says. I hate what they've done, Andy and Stephanie! I can't do this, I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!!" She begins ripping the lingerie off of her body and curls into a shuddering ball on the office floor. She rocks and rocks, still moaning, "I hate it!" Ridge rushes to cover her up and holds her, soothing her as she rocks. His face a mask of pain and regret, he tells her that she won't have to go through this, not ever again...