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At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Ridge bicker about whether or not Bill actually knows anything about his connection to Judge McMullen. Brooke admits she’s ashamed of Ridge’s actions. Ridge maintains there’s no smoking gun – Bill can only find out they went to school together. Brooke reminds him someone saw him in the courthouse. Ridge assures her it’s fine. In reception, Pam enthusiastically greets Donna. Quinn happens along and wants to know what Donna’s doing there. Pam snaps, “Maybe if you had friends, you’d know.” Quinn apologizes, she’s just frustrated with an order, and gives instructions to Pam, who suggests she call the supplier herself. When Quinn coolly signs off, Donna muses, “It’s like that, is it?” Pam tells her she doesn’t know that half of it.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill tells Justin he has a plan to expose Ridge and the judge. He has Ken send Ridge a text from McMullen, and McMullen a text that looks like it came from Ridge. When they meet, they’ll be doing surveillance…Bill has it all worked out. Justin is dispatched for a tutorial on a listening device to listen in on the judge and Ridge. Bill instructs Ken to send texts setting up a meeting in Forrester Creations’ parking lot. Bill has no doubt Brooke’s told Ridge he’s been asking questions; he’ll be quaking in his boots when he gets the message. Ken complains that the Forresters are good people who feed him better than Bill. Bill harps that for what he’s paying him, he can enjoy fine dining for a year.

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At Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke he’s had a text from Craig McMullen and it doesn’t sound good. Ridge takes off and Katie arrives. Brooke fills her in. Katie is on edge and doesn’t have a good feeling about it. Brooke says if they get caught, there’s nothing they can do about it. In reception, Pam and Donna whisper about Quinn. Pam asks if Donna has a ‘main squeeze’ and Donna relays she was taking care of dad and didn’t have time. Pam doesn’t think she’s over Eric. Donna shrugs; he’s over her. Pam isn’t so sure…his favorite wife is always the one he had before – if anyone can rescue him from Quinn, it’s Donna. Pam goes on about never having been as crazy as Quinn…she just has some scar tissue. She thinks Donna can get rid of the witch and tells her it was dumb to divorce Eric…she might have a chance to correct the biggest mistake she ever made. Quinn reappears and Donna excuses herself. Quinn guesses Pam was plotting her doom, and warns others have tried, but she’s still there. Pam declares she’s a survivor of ‘mean’ and knows what to do about it. Quinn muses, “Pam, you don’t really want to take me on.” Pam doesn’t feel she has a choice. In the parking lot, Ridge and McMullen are panicky about Spencer being onto them. Nearby, Justin brandishes a listening device while Bill, wearing headphones, observes the meeting through binoculars. Ridge advises McMullen that someone may have seen them together in the courthouse. They discuss the ‘favor’ and McMullen scoffs about Ridge pressuring him; he worries his career will be over because of Ridge – they committed conspiracy. Ridge insists no one is going to jail and wonders why McMullen called him there. He didn’t, Ridge called him. Ridge realizes Bill must be there, and spots his black vehicle skidding out of the lot.

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