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At Spencer Publications, Bill tells Justin he knows Ridge tampered with that judge. Justin warns all they have is hearsay and speculation so far; they need concrete evidence. Bill’s certain they’ll get it. Justin agrees the timing of the visits is significant, but they don’t know what was discussed…they have no facts or evidence of wrongdoing. Bill urges him to stay on it, and murmurs that his Spencey Senses tell him Brooke could be the key. He rants that Forrester doesn’t deserve Brooke’s loyalty, though her instinct to protect him is an admirable quality. It will be tricky to get around that, but she has loyalty to him as well. Bill believes if Ridge did something to influence the custody case and she knows about it, it’s weighing on her conscience; she’ll tell him eventually. Bill will make sure she’ll get there.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge prompts Brooke to give Steffy last-minute advice on her fashion show, but Brooke is distracted and flashes to Bill asking her if Ridge got to McMullen. Ridge notices she’s not even there and wonders what’s going on. Steffy wonders if she’s disappointed for Hope. Brooke ruminates that Ridge has made a couple decisions lately that have been questionable. Elsewhere, behind-the-scenes of the fashion show, Wyatt chats with his mom, while Zoe reassures Xander about his nervousness as Emma watches from a distance and rolls her eyes. Hope asks if she’s hanging in there. Emma doesn’t have a choice. They rehash Steffy’ line taking precedent over Hope’s; Hope says Hope for the Future will be back. After, Xander and Danny watch Zoe and agree she’s amazing. Danny thinks it’s fate she and Xander ended up working together at Forrester. Zoe gives Xander more tips as Hope and Emma look on. They flash to the Hope for the Future fashion show. Emma muses it was one of the highlights of her life and thanks Hope, who talks about persevering. Steffy appears, with Ridge at her side, and announces they’re going to blow away the audience. Ridge adds his remarks and everyone applauds. Hope lets Steffy know she isn’t sticking around, but wishes her luck. Upstairs, Hope joins Brooke in the office and notices something’s wrong. Brooke admits she has problems with Ridge, and doesn’t like his decisions lately, which all seem to be affecting people she cares about. Downstairs, Wyatt asks Emma to get some photos for him. She snaps a photo of Xander and Zoe, who flashes Emma a knowing smile. Quinn and Wyatt enthuse about the excitement of the shows. Steffy gathers everyone for another speech, which ends with, “Let’s go out there and slay!” In the office, Ridge joins Brooke, who confesses her issue isn’t really with the lines, it’s Bill. They rehash their different viewpoints on Bill. Ridge argues the judge would have made the same decision with or without him, and Bill would have done the same thing. Brooke disagrees, and isn’t sure it’s possible to move past it. She blurts, “Bill’s onto you.”

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