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In Forrester Creations’ studio, dress rehearsal is underway for the Intimates line and Steffy and Wyatt are full of anticipation as they tease the event on social media. Steffy’s proud of her team. They all feel the line will sell out quickly. Next, Steffy greets a handsome long-time buyer named Leo, (played by Sam Myerson). He’s worked closely with Steffy before and hopes to again. Up in reception, Pam tells Charlie she feels Quinn’s ruined everything…she doesn’t want to get married at Eric and Stephanie’s anymore – all because of that witch. Pam goes on that she’s really having a hard time with Quinn being mean to her; it’s bringing up some old voices in her head. She’s afraid of being hurt again.

At Katie’s house, she, Thorne and Donna say goodbye to Will as they head over for a ‘casual’ dinner at Quinn and Eric’s place.

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric and Quinn welcome Ridge and Brooke. Soon, Katie, Thorne, and Donna arrive. Quinn makes nice with Donna, who joins Eric and the others for laughter and conversation. Quinn makes a disgruntled face off to the side. Talk turns to work, and Australia is mentioned. Quinn flashes to kissing Ridge on the beach. The conversation moves to Bill leaving the hospital. Brooke’s irked when Ridge notes he hates the guy, that’s not going to change. Pam’s engagement comes up and Donna cracks that ‘our zany little Pammy’ is getting married, and notes, “Good for her.” Quinn takes a call from Wyatt and agrees to come into work. She excuses herself from the family reunion. Eric makes a toast to Donna’s return. When Ridge snarks about Spencer again, Brooke thinks he should be grateful not to be in jail, and reminds him he shouldn’t be judging Bill.

At Spencer Publications, Justin muses that his boss without his necklace is like seeing Superman without his cape. Bill mulls that over, then recalls he wants to take Will to see the new superhero movie. He questions having to run it by Katie and complains about the judge ruling against him. Justin reveals he may have something on the Honorable Judge McMullen. Bill wants to know…now. Justin explains one of his contacts saw someone meet with the judge repeatedly around the time of the hearing and McMullen seemed bothered. Bill pushes Justin to find out who the mystery visitor was. Later, Justin reports that the description of the guy matches that of a certain designer who happens to hate Bill. Bill flashes to Ridge being sure he’d lose custody and growls, “Forrester.”

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At Forrester, Wyatt disconnects from Quinn and jokes with Sally, Steffy and Leo. After, Leo asks Steffy out for dinner. Steffy’s flattered, but not ready to date. She rejoins Wyatt and Sally, who can’t understand her turning Leo down. Steffy is still processing what happened with Liam, and doesn’t need anyone to fulfill her. In reception, Charlie assures Pam that when the time is right for her, he’ll be ready to marry her. He doesn’t want her to feel pressured. Pam feels lucky to have him, and is apologetic as she returns his engagement ring. She promises one day there’ll be a wedding ring on her finger. They embrace.

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