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In the hospital waiting area, Katie, Thorne, Liam, Wyatt, and Ridge discuss Bill having a guardian angel on his shoulder. Ridge feels they shouldn’t have gone to his house, then notes that Brooke’s in the room with her ex. Detective Sanchez arrives looking to speak to Bill. In the hospital room, Bill thinks the fall was necessary to get him and Brooke to this point – he loves her and has never stopped. He believes she’s never stopped loving him either. Bill wants to be the man she deserves – all Brooke has to do is say yes. Brooke believes this has been a game-changer for Bill, but doesn’t intend to leave Ridge. Bill reiterates how much he loves her. Sanchez enters with the doctor. Bill agrees to answer questions as Ridge appears. Bill thinks he should stay. Sanchez notes Ridge has been a part of Bill’s ‘bad luck’ more than once, and wants Bill’s side of the story – it’s hard to believe it was an accident. In the waiting room, Bill’s sons wonder what’s going on, and Thorne decides he should be in there. They all follow him into Bill’s room, where Bill relays that Ridge rushed at him and pushed him backward onto the balcony. Sanchez asks if he wants to press charges. Bill admits he threw the first punch, and announces what happened was an accident – Thorne and Ridge didn’t intend to throw him off the balcony. Brooke smiles at Bill, and Ridge thanks him. Bill talks about how much it means to wake up and be surrounded by all of them, especially Wyatt and Liam. They notice the sword necklace is gone. Bill declares he’s a changed man and his children will be his priority. He’s truly sorry for having hurt his sons. He’s committed to making changes and in the words of the old Dollar Bill, says, “You can take that to the bank.”

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At Katie’s place, Eric sputters at Donna in lingerie. She tells him she got into town today, when asked, and Eric wonders, “Dressed like that?” Donna laughs, then asks ‘Honeybear’ what he thinks of the intimates. Eric assures her she looks amazing and that it’s good to see her. Donna explains she was trying on the gift while waiting for Will to get dropped off. Eric slips her robe over her shoulders – he’s already had one medical event this year. Donna explains she’ll be looking after Will while Katie and Thorne are at the hospital. Eric’s distracted, and Donna urges him to open up. He fills her in on Pam and Charlie getting engaged, and Quinn not wanting to have the wedding at the house – she thinks Pam’s crazy. Donna chortles, “Hello? She is!” The blonde recalls how Pam tied her up and doused her with honey, but concedes a wedding trumps all. Eric laughs and Donna’s pleased to see a smile back on his face. They muse about weddings at the Forrester estate and flash back through their memories at the house, including their first kiss and wedding vows. They recall how she was really in the lion’s den with Stephanie and Pam. Donna didn’t care as long as she had her Honeybear. Eric’s glad Donna’s back and wants to be a good neighbor. Donna jokes if she’s out of honey, she’ll know where to go.

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