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During their viscous fight at Bill’s house, Bill and Ridge stumble out to the balcony. Only Ridge returns inside. Thorne runs out and spots Bill lying lifeless on the ground. Ridge calls 911 as Thorne goes to check on him.

In Eric’s office, Quinn rolls her eyes as Pam gushes about her wedding plans. Pam gets a message on her phone and leaves. Eric notices his wife is not happy, admitting Pam can be a little much. Quinn thinks that is a massive understatement. She tries but fails to convince Eric to rescind the offer to let Pam and Charlie get married at the house.

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In another Forrester office, Brooke bemoans the Ridge/Bill situation to Katie. They call Pam in who recaps seeing Bill and Ridge together and how they didn’t look happy. After Pam leaves, Katie and Brooke worry when they can’t reach their husbands.

Thorne and Ridge follow Bill as he is wheeled into the ER. As they wait for word, Thorne calls Katie to tell her to get down there with Brooke. After he hangs up, he asks Ridge how they are going to explain what happened. Brooke and Katie rush in. They question their husbands. Ridge admits he charged Bill and he went off the balcony. The women are outraged. Brooke declares if Will loses his father, it is all on Ridge.

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After Eric has left a disgruntled Quinn, Pam returns to talk about her guest list. Quinn suggests the house isn’t big enough for everyone so she should get a larger venue. Pam counters that she could whittle down the guest list, but Quinn enthuses that all those people should be there to celebrate her big day. Pam quickly realizes Quinn just doesn’t want her to get married at the house. Quinn confirms it. She can’t stand how Pam dictates what happens in her house. She orders her to respect her marriage to Eric and to find somewhere else to get married. They sling insults, with Quinn hoping poor Charlie knows what he’s getting into and Pam telling Quinn she will never measure up to Stephanie. Pam also doesn’t think Eric would ever stop her from getting married at the house. She storms out leaving Quinn frustrated.

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