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In Judge McMullen’s chambers, he calls Brooke delusional, and she threatens to call his cell phone number again. McMullen claims he doesn’t know how Ridge got his contact information. Brooke doesn’t buy it and rehashes that Ridge was texting the judge to influence the outcome of the custody case because he hates Bill so much. The judge urges her to walk out of there and put this out of her mind, but she can’t do that. Brooke hollers about Ridge bribing a judge. McMullen states it wasn’t a bribe. He concedes Ridge came to him before the hearing and told him to make sure her sister won. Brooke gasps, “I knew it. Damn it.” The judge reiterates there was no bribe. Brooke asks if his father was around during his childhood. McMullen replies, “Yes.” Brooke tells him her father wasn’t, and says children need their fathers. McMullen’s confident Katie will let Bill see his son. He warns Brooke to keep quiet or there could be severe consequences for him and Ridge.

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At Forrester Creations, Bill feels Ridge has no interest in what’s best for Will – taking him away from his father is not the answer. Ridge mentions Thorne. Bill could come around to Thorne being a role model to Will, but can’t understand the judge ruling against equal access. Ridge smirks that he never had a chance. Bill asks if he’s convinced Ridge to work with Brooke and not against her. Ridge bluntly tells him no and asks him to show himself out. Later, Brooke returns, stewing about what she’s learned. Ridge appears and complains about Bill’s visit. Brooke shouts, “Enough!” She seethes, “I know what you did. I know.” She confronts Ridge about the secret phone and reveals she visited McMullen and he couldn’t deny it. She fumes that Ridge tampered with a judge, which is a crime. Ridge protests that McMullen owed him a favor and Bill’s a bad man. Brooke hollers that he didn’t do this for anyone but himself. Ridge warns her not to say anything to anybody, and tells her, “This is our secret, forever.”

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At home, Katie tells Will his caregiver’s sick, so he’ll have to come with her to run errands. Will’s downcast and admits he wants to see his father. Katie assures him that’s fine. She learns Will feels bad for Bill because of the sole custody and would like to see him today. Katie calls Bill and arranges to swing by the office. She reiterates she wants them to be close.

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Bill cancels all his meetings at Spencer Publications and heartily greets Will when he arrives with Katie. He enthuses about them hanging out, and Will would like to do so more. Bill explains the company is his birthright and he’ll teach him how to work there so he can pass it on to him. Will admits he gets confused about the stock market and muses about being too busy. Bill sighs that he had to learn to prioritize and assures Will he’s his number one priority. They fist bump. Katie hangs out as Will tells Bill about his love of detective stories and thanks his dad for making time for him today. Bill says he doesn’t need to thank him and plans to show he’s committed to being the best dad he can be.

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