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At Spencer Publications, Bill and Justin contemplate Katie and Thorne being officially married. Bill’s going to go talk to his sons and informs Justin they’ll be calling a surprise witness – the one person who’s been on his side through this whole mess. Justin gapes, “Not Brooke?” Bill nods.

At home, Brooke and Ridge discuss Katie and Thorne’s sweet wedding and Will being a part of it. Ridge observes that Thorne will be the father he’s always needed. Brooke wishes Ridge wasn’t involved in this, and dislikes being on opposite sides. Ridge confirms he’ll do anything he can to ensure Katie gets full custody. Brooke worries when he says things like that – she thinks it’s about not letting Bill win. She takes a call from Justin, who informs her she’ll be called to testify at the hearing. Brooke disconnects and tells Ridge, who thinks Bill’s pitting her against her sister. He paces and complains Brooke shouldn’t show up. She can’t ignore a subpoena. Ridge knows Katie will get custody, but wants Brooke to support Katie in her testimony. Brooke will express her feelings. When she goes to shower, Ridge sends the judge a text that he’s counting on him to do the right thing tomorrow, then flashes to his conflicts with Bill.

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At Katie’s house, she and Thorne send Will upstairs to shower…then they can play a game as a family. Katie tells Thorne, “We did it; we’re a family.” They kiss. Talk turns to the custody hearing and Katie laments everything having to be so complicated. She hates what Bill has done to Wyatt and Liam as well, and hopes their relationship survives being on opposite sides tomorrow. They switch gears to a honeymoon. Thorne will surprise her after the custody hearing’s over. He believes Bill will thank them one day for giving Will a stable home. They eat wedding cake and Katie muses they could just stay there for their honeymoon. They express their love. Katie hopes the last piece of the puzzle will fit into place tomorrow. She’s nervous going up against Bill. Thorne reassures her, but she knows Bill will do whatever it takes to win.

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In the beach house, Liam updates Wyatt on the wedding before the conversation turns to Katie’s custody case. Wyatt asks how Liam feels about testifying, and Liam questions Wyatt speaking on behalf of Bill. Wyatt protests he can’t fight a subpoena. Bill shows up and politely asks Liam about Hope and Kelly. Wyatt knows he’s there because of the custody case. Bill explains he wants to be close to Will because he loves him. He regrets being so busy ruining their lives that he ignored his youngest son – it will never happen again. Wyatt thinks he’ll be in Will’s life regardless of what happens tomorrow. Bill can’t take that chance, and stresses he wants and needs family…Will needs it too. He knows he has no right to ask, but he needs their help. Liam hasn’t thought of him as a dad for a minute. Bill apologizes for his cruelty. He explains he wants a second chance to be close to Will – they didn’t have that and look what it cost them. He asks Liam not to pass that curse onto his little brother. Wyatt watches Liam, who looks conflicted.

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