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In Katie’s bedroom, Will tells him mom she looks beautiful and asks if they’re going to Eric’s soon. Katie assures him they are, and they rehash how happy they’ll be with Thorne. Bridget, Donna, Hope and Brooke arrive and enthuse about the wedding before pulling Katie and Will into a Logan hug. Katie tells the women she’s determined to give her son the best family she possibly can. Once Brooke’s alone with Katie, she begins to press her about the custody situation. Katie asserts that Bill can have visitation, but she’ll fight for Will to have stability and consistency. Brooke says she’ll support the wedding. Katie pleads with her to be happy for her. They embrace.

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In Spencer Publications, Bill rants that he is Will’s father; he is what he needs, not some loser Forrester. Justin listens as he emphasizes he will never accept Thorne as Will’s father, and realizes Bill’s contemplating going to Eric’s to stop Katie’s wedding. They begin shouting until Bill agrees not to stop the wedding; instead he’ll do the thing he hates most in the world…freaking nothing. He doesn’t want to confuse Will more, but vows he’ll never give up on him. Justin’s sorry he’s going through this. Bill is just worried about his son – his mother’s making irrational decisions. Will needs to know his father’s there, and not just when his mother says so.

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Thorne discuss the importance of taking care of family. Eric, Quinn, Liam, and Carter appear and congratulate Thorne while Ridge chortles there will be no more talk of custody suits. When Donna arrives, she flashes to marrying Eric. He greets her and she tells him it’s nice to be back there again…so many memories. Elsewhere, Thorne kneels by Will and gives him a boutonniere like his, while Liam tells Hope how beautiful she looks. Eric claps Thorne on the back – he’s happy for him. Thorne reminds Will he’s very much a part of this as they head to the altar. Soon, Brooke arrives and makes her way up the aisle. The Wedding March begins, and Katie makes her way to Thorne. Ridge reads a passage before Carter prompts Thorne and Katie to say their vows. Thorne tells Katie she charmed him with her humor and inspired him with her wisdom and strength. He promises to always be there for both her and Will, and adds, “I love you both very much.” Katie, shedding tears, never dreamed she’d be so lucky – Thorne’s pretty much everything she’s always wanted, for herself and for her son. She can’t wait to make a home with him, and knows they’ll be so happy together as a family. Katie pulls Will over to tell him she’s becoming a Forrester today, and that Thorne loves him as a father would. She urges him to look around – this is his family. Thorne and Katie exchange ‘I do’s and rings, and Carter pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss as everyone applauds. Will joins them. Katie says, “We did it; we’re a family.”

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