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At Spencer Publications, Bill warns Ridge he had no plans to lose custody of his son, certainly not to that gutless brother of his. Bill reiterates he won’t meet Katie and Thorne’s demands…they will never win, and there is nothing they can do to stop him. After Ridge is gone, Justin needles Bill about them both loving to puff out their feathers, and having the same taste in women. Bill grumbles that Ridge thinks it will be a slam dunk for Thorne and Katie to get custody of Will…they have to come up with something. Justin gets word the court date’s been set for next week, and Bill panics before musing they’ll need to get to know the judge. Bill wants to get creative and Justin balks at being sent down the disbarment road. Bill insists they need a way to get to the judge, and flashes to telling Ridge he’s always three steps behind. He then thinks about warning Katie about going to war with him, and barks at Justin they need to pull out all the stops. Justin thinks he’s lost his damn mind – trying to influence a judge could be disastrous!

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At Forrester Creations, Katie informs Thorne that Brooke is still advocating for Bill. Thorne wonders if she’s having second thoughts. Katie isn’t, but doesn’t want to cut Bill out or drag Will into a custody battle. Thorne assures her it’s best for Will in the long run. Carter appears and lets them know a court date’s been set…they’re ready to go. Ridge enters, complaining that Bill will do whatever it takes to win. Carter reveals they have a court date and gives the judge’s name. Ridge gets a smug look. Katie agrees with Ridge they have to be ready for Bill. Ridge vows to make sure Will stays away from Spencer. In the design office, Liam and Wyatt run into one another and catch up. Wyatt asks if Liam knows about the custody thing with Katie and Will. Liam knows; he kind of got subpoenaed to testify for Katie. Wyatt smirks and reveals, “I kind of got subpoenaed to testify for Dad.” Liam thinks it must have been a long time coming, but Wyatt can’t understand why it has to come to court. Liam reflects that Katie will do whatever it takes to protect Will…even from Bill. They consider Bill’s transgressions, agree he has issues, and question if he’s capable of change. Liam concedes that Bill loves Will. He continues that Bill never learned how to love properly. They debate his issues, and whether he deserves to lose Will. Wyatt doesn’t think so, but Liam points out he’d still get to see him. He believes Will needs security and consistency. Wyatt’s appalled when Liam suggests maybe Thorne should replace Bill.

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In chambers, Judge Craig McMullen, (played by Joe Lando), heartily greets Ridge, who shakes his hand and enthuses, “It’s great to see you, Craig.” They exchange updates on their families. McMullen apologizes for losing touch, and it comes out that Ridge loaned him the money for law school. He adds, “If there’s every any way I can repay you, say the word.” Ridge asks him to give full custody of Will Spencer to his mother.

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