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At Spencer Publications, Brooke admonishes Bill, “You can’t kiss me like that.” Bill’s just grateful and apologizes. Brooke reminds him she’s a married woman and intends to stay that way. She knows he’s feeling panicked about losing Will. Bill’s feeling a lot of things he can’t say out loud. They discuss how Will looked up to Bill and trusted him previously…he was happy and in love. Brooke asks, “What happened?” Bill replies, “You left me.” Brooke feels she had no choice. Bill recalls fixating on Steffy, destroying Liam’s marriage, and ignoring Will in the process. Brooke thinks he’s hit rock bottom and is a good father – he needs to be in Will’s life. She won’t give up on Katie, and will keep trying. Later, Bill tells Justin that Brooke did the best she could with Katie, and will keep working on her. Justin notes she seems loyal. Bill relays that he kissed her. Justin’s beside himself, but Bill assures him he told her it wouldn’t happen again.

At Forrester Creations, Eric asks Ridge if Thorne still has a job since he cut funding to Hope for the Future. Ridge jokes he’ll be Quinn’s assistant. She exclaims. Ridge then says Thorne’s still designing for Hope’s line. Eric wants to call him in, but Quinn and Ridge explain he’s with Katie. Eric learns Ridge has prepared a press release about Bill, without naming him in it. Later, Brooke returns and looks at projections. Ridge offers to get Thorne on the phone.

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At Katie’s place, she tells Thorne she loves him, but they shouldn’t be impulsive, and adds, “You Forresters do get married an awful lot.” Thorne quips that’s his brother, then makes his pitch for not waiting. He implores, “Marry me.” Katie tells Thorne he doesn’t have to marry her because it will look good in family court. Thorne insists he loves her and sees his future with her and Will – they fit. Talk turns to her learning to love again, then to the custody case. Thorne believes she would win without him. Katie admits she’d love to come home to a family life with Thorne and Will…and maybe the children they’d have. Katie kisses him before clarifying that she’s saying yes. Thorne puts the ring on her finger, they beam at one another, and kiss again. They are making love when Thorne’s phone rings. Thorne answers and Ridge, Quinn, Brooke, and Eric are on speaker. Thorne announces their engagement and accepts congratulations before disconnecting. After sex, the pair talk about the custody hearing. Thorne says good things are coming for them, it’s already happening.

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke questions Ridge’s enthusiasm over Thorne and Katie’s engagement – she thinks they’re doing it to look good in the custody battle. Ridge calls her cynical. Brooke argues that Will doesn’t need protection from Bill – Ridge seems vindictive. Ridge runs down Bill’s transgressions and tells her to stop defending him. Just then, Brooke gets a text of thanks from Bill.

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