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At Katie’s place, she continues to debate with Brooke, who insists taking Will away from Bill for his own benefit makes no sense. She reasons that Bill wasn’t there for the boy when he should have been, but he wants to be now, and Katie won’t let him. Katie tries to get a word in as Brooke clucks, “I know you don’t want to ruin his relationship with his son.” Katie admits she’s torn, and she knows there will be repercussions, but Bill’s promised to change many times and never does. She won’t change her decision. Brooke intones that Will loves his father and the relationship should be repaired – Katie should allow it. She warns battling with Bill would be dangerous and urges Katie to protect her son from this custody fight.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill tells Justin that Ridge would go ballistic if he found out Brooke was on his side, that’s why he agreed to keep their meetings secret. Justin contemplates Brooke keeping secrets for her husband. Bill replies that Brooke knows what Katie is doing is wrong. If she gets through to her sister this whole thing goes away, if not, it will get much worse. Later, Brooke arrives and informs Bill she couldn’t get Katie to change her mind. Bill vows to fight – it’s his son. Brooke says she’ll keep trying. Bill lets her know what it means to him; he’s very grateful. Brooke tells him he won’t lose custody if she has anything to say about it. One way or another she’ll convince Katie to let this go. Bill thanks her with an embrace, then goes in for a kiss. Brooke’s shocked.

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At Forrester Creations, Thorne and Ridge are discussing Katie and Will when Steffy observes that Thorne’s fallen hard for Katie. Thorne admits he cares about her a lot. Pam calls Thorne to an appointment, and Ridge teases Steffy about embarrassing Thorne, who is a better role model for Will than that rat, Spencer. Talk turns to the custody suit. Steffy thinks Katie can handle Bill on her own. Ridge argues Bill is a horrible parent, and Steffy warns he’ll fight back. She doesn’t understand why Ridge thinks Katie should have full custody. Ridge retorts if there’s any justice in this world, Bill will lose custody. Steffy questions if this is about justice…or payback for him. Ridge denies it, but goes on another rant about Bill. Steffy feels he wants to see Bill suffer, but Ridge claims he wants Will to stop suffering. He then barks that Bill will get what he deserves for the misery he’s caused others. Ridge vows he’ll lose his boy and no one can stop it.

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Thorne arrives at Katie’s place and is greeted by Will, who is sent upstairs. Katie then updates Thorne on Brooke wanting her to drop the custody suit. Thorne’s taken aback and is relieved she hasn’t changed her mind. They establish how important they are to one another and Thorne references a ‘brighter future’, which can start today. Thorne tells Katie he loves her – and her son. He’s sees a future with them and talks about the importance of her getting full custody. Thorne thinks they should go in front of the judge as a united force. He gets on one knee, produces an engagement ring, and asks, “Will you marry me?”

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