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In Forrester Creations’ studio, Hope insists she respects Steffy in so many ways, and goes on to note she and Liam have similar values. Steffy wonders what that means. Hope feels she’s holding a grudge because she’s living the life she believes was meant for her. Steffy counters she’s living the life she chose; the life she wants with her daughter. Hope has no doubt she’ll succeed as a single mom; she wants to empower women no matter what, but can’t help but feel disappointed for herself, her team, and her charities. It feels personal. Steffy says she’s making it personal. Hope still believes Steffy wanted to lash out at her, and calls her a ‘daddy’s girl’. Steffy notes Brooke has pulled strings for her plenty, and informs her the best decision was made for the company – she needs to accept it. Steffy plans to be the best she can be for her daughter and won’t let anyone get in the way.

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In the Forrester Creations boardroom, Brooke tells Ridge she won’t pretend to be happy he chose Steffy’s line over Hope’s. Ridge protests that it wasn’t an easy decision to make, and argues she would have made the same decision when she was running the company. Brooke learns he thinks Steffy needed it more than Hope, and accuses him of punishing her for having Liam. Ridge barks that at the end of the day they sell women’s clothing, not coddle young women who feel passed over. Brooke frets that it’s the end of Hope and Steffy’s ceasefire for good. Ridge asks her not to blame Steffy for a choice he made or she’ll only make it more difficult for them to get along. He wants to call a truce, and Brooke notes it didn’t work out well for their daughters.

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At the Bikini Bar, Emma and Xander are in the private cabana, while Zoe looks around the bar area, then chats with Danny at the bar, who realizes she’s looking for Xander. He thinks he’ll turn up. In the cabana, Xander feeds Emma fruit, then tells her he wants to show her how special she is to him. They make out. When she mentions a sore shoulder, Xander massages her, then kisses her neck. They kiss until Emma puts the brakes on, she’s not ready to take it further. Xander assures her he understands. Emma decides to leave. Outside, Zoe spots Emma walking away. She joins Xander in the cabana and tells him this doesn’t have to go to waste. Zoe apologizes for being too intense in the past, but reminds him how great they were together. She wants something to happen, and thinks he does too. They kiss.

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