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In Forrester Creations’ studio, Steffy announces to her models that the intimates line has received funding as they prepare to rehearse. Ridge is among those applauding. Xander invites Emma to go to Bikini later as Ridge joins Steffy. He knows she needed this. She hopes it doesn’t cause him problems with Brooke. While Quinn passes out jewelry, Sally lets Steffy know she’s done some designs for the intimates. Steffy agrees to look at them later. In the office, Hope is on the phone when Brooke enters, and after disconnecting, explains she’s backpedaling with charities. Brooke sniffs that Steffy’s wasting no time moving forward with her line. Hope isn’t surprised she lost out to Steffy. Brooke feels Steffy ‘worked’ Ridge and played on his feelings. Hope respects what she did with regard to Liam, but as far as her ‘sex sells, rake in the cash’ mentality, not so much. Brooke feels Steffy probably learned that mantra from her, so she’s partly responsible. Hope chides her mother not to argue with Ridge about this, but Brooke counters it’s already come between them. They discuss the progress Hope and Steffy had made; Hope thinks maybe they’ll never truly see eye-to-eye. Brooke notes the way Steffy lives her life is reflected in her line.

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In the studio, Xander is put on the camera and the rehearsal ensues, with Zoe making eyes at Xander and Steffy modeling last. Hope attends and approaches Steffy after to muse, “Wow, you really are modeling.” Steffy asks if she’s surprised. Hope isn’t really – she wouldn’t expect anything less. They have a subtly catty conversation about their differences. Hope wonders if Steffy even knows what ethics are. Steffy’s isn’t afraid of her sexuality. They keep bickering about Ridge’s decision. Steffy notes Hope’s still passing judgement on her; the getting along act was just that – she thinks she’s better than her and always will. Meanwhile, upstairs, Ridge ruminates to Brooke about the tough decision he had to make. Brooke reveals Hope feels betrayed, but doesn’t want them fighting about it. She complains about Hope’s shoestring budget and that he always chooses his daughter over hers. Ridge argues it wasn’t personal, but Brooke persists, and accuses him of pitting them against each other just when they’d made progress. She doesn’t want them to turn out like her and Taylor. In the design office, Zoe listens outside the door as Emma tells Xander she has to restock before going to Bikini. Emma leaves, and Zoe, still in lingerie, joins Xander and wishes him luck getting anywhere with the girl. After, Zoe flashes to having sex with Xander and looks thoughtful.

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At Bikini Bar, Xander surprises Emma with a private cabana set up for romance. He serves non-alcoholic champagne and then wants to show her what she means to him.

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