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At Forrester Creations, Brooke yells at Steffy about interfering in Hope’s life again; she won’t let her ruin her daughter’s future! She accuses Steffy of lashing out because Liam chose Hope instead of her. As Brooke keeps screaming, Ridge enters. He can’t have this happening and announces he’ll make a decision about the lines today. Brooke informs him he needs to do what’s best for the company and put all his resources behind Hope for the Future. In the studio, Hope tells Liam that Steffy demanded she stop fighting for her line – she wants compensation for her loss…him. Hope laments them being pitted against one another again and wonders if she has a chance to get the funding. After, Ridge calls a meeting in the boardroom. Thorne speaks up for Hope for the Future, Quinn thinks the intimates line has broader appeal, Steffy and Hope debate numbers, and Brooke touts Hope’s successful relaunch as a reason not to scale it back. Hope adds they’re making a real difference with their message. Liam supports Hope. Ridge acknowledges the accomplishments of both lines, but chooses intimates. Brooke looks irked. Thorne asks if it’s because Steffy’s his daughter. Ridge reiterates it’s best for the company. Quinn, Liam, and Thorne leave. Brooke barks, “I can’t believe you did this to my daughter!” Ridge defends his decision. Brooke hollers that Hope put her heart and soul into her line and accuses her husband of buckling under Steffy’s pressure. She thinks it’s sick and storms out. Steffy reassures Ridge that Brooke’s business sense will kick in; it will be fine. In the studio, Liam assures Hope her line is still viable. She’s cheered up, and they kiss. Hope worries the situation will affect her mom’s marriage.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill rants to Justin that a custody battle isn’t what he wants; it would be bad for Will to see his parents fighting. Talk turns to Brooke and Bill relays that she said she’d reach out to Katie on his behalf. Justin muses that it’s an unexpected development. Bill feels Brooke can be very level-headed – except when she walked out on him and married that loser, Forrester. Justin chuckles that Bill might actually have a shot at resolving this thing. Bill marvels that Brooke just gets him, and knows he loves his sons. He adds that this has to be kept quiet. Justin recalls they meant a lot to each other. Bill agrees; they always will. Talk turns to the choice facing Ridge Forrester. Bill predicts Steffy will get the cash and Brooke’s daughter will be disappointed. He knows the lingerie line is a cash cow, but forecasts that it won’t sit well with Brooke.

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At Il Giardino, Bill spots Brooke and guesses Ridge went with the intimates line. Brooke complains about Ridge’s decision, and Bill admits he’s not surprised he let her down again, then apologizes. Bill’s there for her whatever she needs. He recalls how close they were at one time and promises they’ll always love and care for one another.

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