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In the Forrester Creations boardroom, Brooke pushes Ridge to answer her question – is he going to side with Steffy or Hope? Ridge explains they need one strong line and whatever the decision is, one of their kids is going to be disappointed. Brooke would love to see the latest version of her bedroom line succeed, but she feels Hope for the Future offers something the intimates line cannot to young people. She urges him to make the best decision for the company.

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In the Forrester Creations studio, Steffy tells Hope that they should focus on the more profitable line. Hope argues the intimates line may not prove as popular as in the past. She’s also putting out a message; what message is there in lingerie? Steffy reminds her she’s not bashing her line, and states the bottom line is that sex sells more than lofty morals. Hope notes it’s the fundamental difference between them. Steffy calls her out for making subtle digs at her. She explains it’s important to her to show her daughter what a woman can accomplish – she won’t let Hope take this away. Later, Brooke is outraged when Hope tells her Steffy asked her to step aside. Hope complains Ridge has pitted them against each other again. Brooke thinks Steffy would have found another way to get back at her – it all leads back to Liam. When asked, Brooke tells Hope that Ridge hasn’t made a decision yet. Hope thinks Steffy has influence on him, but Brooke points out no one has more influence over Ridge than she does.

In the Forrester Creations design office, Zoe asks Sally about rumors of potential cutbacks. She’s not too keen on losing her job. Wyatt overhears so Sally fills him in. He realizes that Ridge has to choose between Steffy and Hope. Zoe complains about her line possibly getting cut and Sally reminds her it’s not her line; it’s Steffy’s, and they might find another place for her. Wyatt remarks again on the situation reigniting Hope and Steffy’s rivalry and on the difficult position Ridge is in. Zoe realizes that Sally is working on Hope for the Future and probably hoping for the opposite outcome she is, but Sally reveals she’s been working on lingerie designs in case the need arises. After, Wyatt canoodles with Sally and tells her he’s proud of her initiative. She shows him the designs when asked, and he’s astounded – they’re beautiful. He’d like to see them on her.

In the boardroom, Steffy tells Ridge that Hope thinks she can have it all. She admits she asked Hope to back down, but she wouldn’t do it. Ridge says both lines are worth fighting for, but Steffy argues the numbers speak for themselves. Ridge thinks it sounds personal – a part of her wants Hope to pay because she ended up with Liam. Ridge agrees about the numbers, but is concerned about her. Steffy stresses about having to see Hope and Liam together every day; she deserves something. Ridge has her back but will make the decision as CEO, not her dad. After, Brooke joins Steffy and hollers at her for manipulating her father – she’s sick of the way she interferes with her daughter’s happiness and vows it will never happen again.

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