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In the Forrester Creations studio, Liam cautions Hope about thinking Ridge’s choice is about her versus Steffy, but Hope doesn’t feel he’s unbiased. She figures what Steffy wants, Steffy will get, but Liam argues Ridge is doing what’s best for Forrester, and reminds her Steffy’s been nothing but supportive. In the boardroom, Thorne questions Ridge as to where the belt-tightening came from, and Ridge reminds him they can’t lose their identity – they can’t throw too much at the public; they won’t know who they are. Katie wonders if it comes down to whose daughter is a better investment – his or Brooke’s. After, Thorne and Katie adjourn to the design office to make out. They have sex, and Thorne tells Katie he hasn’t been jumped like that since high school. Katie worries Bill could have cameras in there – he plays dirty. She rehashes why she’s filed for sole custody again. They speculate about what will happen for Thorne if Hope’s line is scaled back. He assures her he won’t return to Paris; they have a custody battle to win.

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At Café Russe, Brooke and Bill discuss Katie’s custody suit. Brooke doesn’t want him to lose another son and surprises him by saying she thinks Katie’s wrong. Brooke remembers how Bill was there for Will. Bill accepts the blame for the current distance between them, but he doesn’t want to be that guy anymore. He asks, “Will you help me?” Bill goes on about becoming the one thing he hates – his father. He reflects at all the drama Brooke’s come through relatively unscathed, and asks, “How do you do it?” Brooke counsels that you have to let them get mad and keep apologizing until they believe you’re sincere. She assures him his boys’ love for him will never die. Bill worries about court and asks Brooke to talk to Katie. Brooke warns neither Katie or Ridge can know about this conversation.

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In the Forrester Creations boardroom, Steffy points out to Ridge that their customers know them for the couture line and the bedroom line; she thinks they should back burner Hope’s line and go back to basics. Ridge asks if she’s trying to get back at Liam’s new bride. Steffy replies, “I need it more than she does.” Steffy goes, and Ridge mulls over the issue. Meanwhile, Steffy joins Hope in the studio. Hope’s unhappy that Steffy spoke to Ridge and asks her not to use her influence against her. Steffy compliments Hope’s line but points out she’s a new bride with a baby on the way. Hope has the old feeling of being in competition with her. Steffy tells her she won, but there’s a cost. Hope realizes she wants her to tell Ridge she’s not interested in expanding the line. Upstairs, Brooke rejoins Ridge and they discuss his dilemma. Brooke is upset he’s pit the girls against one another again. She guesses he spoke to Steffy and that Hope never stood a chance. She demands to know which one of their daughters he’ll kick to the curb.

At Spencer Publications, Bill flashes to his balloon ride with Brooke and to their conversation at Café Russe. He doesn’t want to cause trouble for her.

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