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In the cabin, Hope flinches at a pain and grimaces, “No, no, no, no.” She gingerly picks up her phone.

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At the cliffhouse, Liam and Steffy celebrate Kelly’s fever finally being gone. Talk turns to him doing double dad duty soon. Liam will always be there for her and Kelly. Suddenly, Liam gets a call from Hope, who reports she’s cramping and spotting and needs to go to the doctor. Liam agrees to meet her there and asks her to try to relax. He disconnects, and tells Steffy, “It might be the baby.” Steffy replies, “Oh no.” Liam has to go. Later, Sally and Wyatt visit. While Sally’s peeking at the baby, Wyatt mentions not being able to get a hold of Hope and Liam. Steffy reports they’re kind of in the middle of something, and Wyatt wonders why she’s being mysterious. Steffy briefs them on Hope’s call. Wyatt worries that Hope’s lost one pregnancy already. Steffy doesn’t think anyone should have to go through that. Wyatt frets as Sally and Steffy assure him there will be good news.

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At Katie’s place, she tells Thorne that Will’s at Andy’s house and she’s preparing to fight Bill for sole custody – she really doesn’t want a battle. Thorne replies, “I hope you’re not having second thoughts about this.” Katie reassures him, but worries the custody fight will affect Will as well. Thorne will be there for both of them. Katie warns Bill fights dirty. Thorne is unconcerned and promises they’ll get through this. They continue to discuss Bill’s ‘slacking’ when it comes to parenting. Thorne thinks if she wins sole custody, his parenting may improve. He talks about feeling a sense of family with her and Will. Katie agrees; she wouldn’t be able to go through this battle without him. They kiss. Katie wonders if she’s just another part of the Spencer/Forrester feud. Thorne reassures her, but looks forward to teaching Bill his son is to be treasured, not ignored. Katie’s glad they’re alone and leads him to the bedroom where they make love. After, Katie’s ‘wowed’ and they engage in pillow talk about how she always had a crush on him, before the conversation turns back to Bill. Ultimately, Katie thinks Thorne is good for her, and purrs that she knows she can be good for him.

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In Dr. Phillips’ office, Hope frets. Liam urges her to keep positive thoughts, but looks concerned when she cringes in pain. The doctor joins them and asks a series of questions before doing an examination. She locates the baby on the ultrasound, but can’t find the heartbeat. Hope exclaims, “Please doctor! Is my baby okay?”

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