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At Forrester Creations, Hope admires Thorne’s latest designs for Hope for the Future. She tells Thorne she’s hoping they’ll get an increase as Liam chimes in about Hope’s ideas. Thorne exits and Liam and Hope start canoodling as Steffy appears. She asks about their ultrasound and Hope and Liam gush about the baby. Steffy promises Hope there is so much joy ahead – she’s happy for her. She asks to see the ultrasound photo. Hope hesitates, but Steffy reassures her; it’s Kelly’s half-brother or sister. Hope shows Steffy the photo and they embrace. Liam next shares the story of Dr. Phillips’ reaction to seeing him in her office with Hope. Just then, Steffy gets a call from the nanny that Kelly has a fever. Steffy rushes off and Liam goes with her.

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At home, Katie gets a call from Thorne, who reminds her Hope’s waiting on marketing plans. Talk turns to Will. Thorne urges her to go for sole custody – Bill’s negligence is affecting the boy, and Katie needs to take control of the situation and do what’s best for her son. Katie disconnects, and Will asks, “Was that Dad?” It turns out he doesn’t want to talk to his father, as he believes Bill doesn’t like him. Katie reassures the boy and they embrace. Bill arrives unexpectedly. He tries unsuccessfully to connect with Will, and suggests video games or swimming, but Will has a playdate planned. Katie reminds Bill they didn’t know he was coming. Will heads upstairs. Katie tells Bill she’s sorry. He says it’s his own fault. Carter arrives. Bill asks what he’s doing there. He can’t believe she would use this temporary breach in his relationship with Will to pursue sole custody. Katie argues with Bill about disappointing Will. Bill insists he can fix this. Katie’s always defended him as a father, but she looks at what he did to Liam and it makes her wonder if he truly loves his boys. Katie asks Carter for the paperwork, and Bill hollers, incredulous that she’d try to take away his son. Katie cries that Bill can’t provide stability – she’s filing for sole custody.

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In the Forrester boardroom, Thorne joins Quinn, Brooke, and Ridge for a meeting. Talk turns to Katie’s absence. Thorne reveals she’s busy with other things. Ridge blurts, “So she’s going to do it; she’s going to sue for sole custody.” Brooke exclaims, and Thorne explains. Ridge is upset that Brooke seems to be defending Spencer, and Quinn can relate to Katie’s position since she tried to protect her son from Bill. Later, Hope shows Brooke the ultrasound photo in the design office, and they enthuse. Brooke muses, “My daughter, a mother.” She asks where Liam’s at, and Hope explains he’s with Steffy since Kelly has a fever. Brooke has to wonder how it feels for Hope to see them together, functioning as parents. Elsewhere, Ridge tells Thorne he’d be an improvement on Bill as a father figure for Will. Thorne will be a good role model, but Katie has to follow through and do what’s right.

At the cliffhouse, Kelly’s fever’s going down and Steffy and Liam assure the nanny she did the right thing by calling. Liam and Steffy go to sit with their daughter. Liam will always be there for her.

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