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At Katie’s place, Bill informs Katie she has no case – why would she threaten to take his son from him? Katie has to get between Thorne and Bill as tensions escalate. Bill wants her to get rid of the jackass. Katie reiterates that Thorne’s been there for Will when Bill wasn’t. Bill is trying to fix things, but Katie argues she has to protect Will. Bill warns them both that under no circumstances will he let them strip him of custody. The acrimony continues as Thorne harps about Bill’s absences and Bill accuses Thorne of stirring the pot. Thorne complains that Bill was too busy tearing apart his other son’s life, and Katie agrees – she can’t believe what he did to Liam. Bill warns Katie she has some skeletons in her closet as well; if she wants to go to war with him, she’ll lose. Katie assures Bill she would never keep Will from him; she’s just trying to give him stability. Bill wonders about his stability when she was drinking, or when she was having a tryst with his half-brother. Thorne says Katie has been Will’s rock while he pursued Steffy. He’s confident Bill will lose. Bill justifies being late again. Katie goes upstairs to see if Will wants to see him. Bill accuses Thorne of planting the sole custody idea in Katie’s head. Thorne lost a child and would welcome the chance to help out with Will. Bill hisses that he’s a committed father despite his recent lapses – Will doesn’t need him. Bill advises Thorne he has no say in Will’s life, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure it stays that way.

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At Forrester Creations, Emma, Zoe, and Xander are joined by Steffy. Xander will be documenting the bedroom line preview. Zoe gushes about his photography skills. Emma glares as a lingerie-clad Zoe poses on the runway and tells Xander she’s ready for her close-up. Quinn confers with Steffy on jewelry selections. Quinn asks if Ridge signed off on this, but Steffy explains she has full control of the intimates line. Ridge appears and Steffy kicks off the preview on the runway. The models parade out. Xander snaps photos, and Steffy confers with Ridge and Quinn. Zoe strolls up the catwalk and exchanges smiles with Xander as Emma looks put out. Steffy looks pleased as they conclude. Later, Quinn relays some notes to the models. Zoe offers to model the showstopper, which irritates Emma. Emma also has notes from Steffy for Zoe, but asks her to dress first. Zoe questions if she’s an assistant or the boss. Quinn calls Emma away. Xander asks Zoe to go easy on Emma. Zoe pulls Xander behind the clothes rack and expresses gratitude for him not asking her to go back to the UK. Zoe hopes they can be more than friends again one day, and they kiss.

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In the Forrester Creations office, Ridge is proud of Steffy and relieved the Bill Spencer chapter is behind her. He mutters about him still causing damage and fills her in on the drama with Katie. Steffy sympathizes with Katie, but worries about how Bill would react to a custody suit.

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