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At Spencer Publications, Bill astounds the Asian Consortium by informing them he’s cutting the meeting short. He knows he’s exceeded their expectations, and now must go do the same for his boy. They argue, Justin issues a warning, “Bill…”, and Bill agrees to stay and take another look at the proposal. Finally, the meeting ends and Bill leaves.

At home, Katie reassures Will that he isn’t to blame for Bill being a no-show. After, she tears up and relays to Thorne that Will wondered if Bill was angry with him for not staying the night last time. Thorne urges Katie to take control of the situation for Will’s sake…now is the time. Katie’s reluctant – she knows what it’s like to grow up without a dad. Thorne presses that Bill could still visit. Katie’s surprised to hear that Carter believes she has a good shot. Thorne intones, “You’ve got to do what’s best for Will.” He keeps working to convince her until Bill arrives. Katie reminds him he canceled. Thorne chimes in, and Bill retorts it’s not his business. Bill argues he’s late, not absent. He asks Katie not to expose his son to losers like Thorne. Thorne counters that Katie can limit Bill’s access to Will, which she’ll do by filing for sole custody. Bill protests to Katie, who asks if he has any idea what his absences have done to Will. Katie’s kept track, and is sick of seeing the disappointment in Will’s eyes. She reminds Bill he wanted it to be different than with his father. Bill learns Thorne’s spoken to an attorney who says she has a case. Bill can’t believe Katie would do this and warns Will would hate her for it. Bill notes they still care about one another – is she really threatening to take his son away from him?

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke is stunned as Ridge explains why Katie may sue Bill for sole custody of Will. Brooke argues that both parents should have equal access. She’s scandalized that anyone could feel right about Bill losing his son. Brooke feels Ridge doesn’t understand since he grew up with both parents in the house. Ridge thinks Will should have Thorne as a father figure. Brooke feels he’d be a good stepfather, if it came to that. Ridge relays that Thorne’s working to convince Katie. Brooke suspects Katie will see it her way. Ridge says they’ll agree to disagree. They kiss.

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At the cabin, Liam dresses up and plays French waiter as he serves food for his ‘staycation’ honeymoon with Hope. She kisses him. He next pretends to be a Swedish masseur, but she requests her husband. Liam replies, “That can be arranged.” He kneels beside her to share a kiss. After making love, they laugh about their funny honeymoon or ‘funnymoon’ and agree to go on a real one in the future. Hope enthuses about being alone together – just the three of them. She can’t wait to complete this family. Talk turns to the wedding, the cake fight, and Hope asks if Liam regrets not having Bill there. He doesn’t. Liam vows they’ll be better parents than theirs were.

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