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At Brooke’s house, Hope makes her way up the aisle. Carter asks if anyone has just cause why Hope and Liam shouldn’t be married. Wyatt jokes, “I’m good this time, I swear.” Brooke narrows her eyes in Taylor’s direction. Carter continues – Liam and Hope would like their guests to speak a few words. Eric talks about devotion. Emma says she’s honored to work for Hope and to be at her wedding. Xander concurs. Bridget asks Liam to treat her baby sister right. Pam urges compassion, understanding, laughter and good food – homemade. Thorne talks about forging another link between the Forresters and Spencers. Katie is happy for them; they’re an inspiration. Donna says Hope never stopped loving Liam. Wyatt wishes them the best and loves his bro. Brooke is certain the ceremony will unite them forever, just as it’s bringing them all together in a meaningful way. All heads turn to Steffy, who stands. She admires Hope for inviting her today, and for having the courage to acknowledge their connection to Liam and to each other. Steffy remarks on their big blended family. Hope says her vows. She knows this is just the beginning and they’ll get happier from here. Hope promises an open heart and open mind, and to have faith when they face adversity. She promises to make their home welcoming to Kelly and Steffy. “My love for you gives me strength, and your love for me gives me courage. Our love for each other will be our guiding light in our life together.” Liam jokes about having to follow that, then turns serious. He thanks her for what she said about making their home a welcoming place. Liam also thanks Steffy for her support and acceptance. He reflects on the word ‘together’ which is the foundation of these vows. Whatever decisions they make or joy they experience, they’ll do it together. He wants an equal partnership. He trusts Hope and admires her goodness; it fills him with gratitude. Liam is privileged to be her husband and the father of her child. “I love you so much.” Carter guides the couple through the ‘I do’s and rings are exchanged. Carter pronounces them husband and wife, and they kiss. Everyone applauds, and Taylor looks at Steffy as she stands and claps.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill harps at Justin about getting on some contracts. Justin wonders, “What’s wrong with you today? Or do I even need to ask?” He doesn’t really think Bill expected to be invited to Liam’s wedding. Bill relays that he asked Liam for forgiveness – he wasn’t ready but didn’t rule it out. Bill says just because he’s not with his sons today doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. Justin’s glad he’s thinking clearly now, and reached out to make amends. Bill reports there’s nothing more important to him than regaining his sons’ respect. He’s glad they can depend on one another. Bill needs to change his fractured relationships with his boys.

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