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At Forrester Creations, Liam presses Steffy to confirm she’s ready to move on from him. He wants to know if she’s really okay with him moving forward with Hope. Steffy thinks it’s best for everyone; she wants peace, and it’s time for her to focus on her future. She urges him to be with Hope – they’re more suited for one another. In the Forrester Creations corridor, Maya, flanked by Thorne, tells Xander that Emma and Zoe had better find a way to work out their differences. Xander thinks it was pretty bold for an intern to try to dictate a firing. Maya advises him to sit down with the young women and figure it out. In the studio, Zoe confronts Emma about trying to have her fired. Emma admits it. “That’s exactly what I did.” She sniffs that Zoe hasn’t earned her position at Forrester, but Zoe thinks it’s only about Xander. Emma insists she’s not jealous of her, but Zoe’s not buying it. Xander appears and asks Emma if it’s true she tried to get Zoe fired. Emma was just looking out for Forrester…and for him. Xander wants to talk through this – he points out Zoe did some sketchy stuff when she arrived in Los Angeles, then tells Emma that Zoe deserves this chance. He urges them to make this a positive experience and find some common ground.

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At Brooke’s house, Hope learns Ridge wants Liam to talk Steffy out of leaving him. Brooke enters and states firmly that Steffy and Liam have made their choices. Hope exits, and debate ensues. Ridge doesn’t think Steffy is herself – she’s giving up Liam but still cares about him. Brooke tells him to bite his tongue when he suggests Hope was the one who should have walked away. She thinks they should back off. Ridge doesn’t think it will end well for Hope. Brooke hopes he’s wrong and insists she wants both their daughters to be happy. She admires Steffy for acquiring Bill’s shares – she’s a savvy businesswoman and leader. Ridge opens a gift Brooke has for him…some silky boxers. Ridge smirks as she tells him to run along and put them on. After, he emerges, feeling ridiculous. Ridge smacks his own butt and Brooke snarks, “That’s all you got?” They start kissing.

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Hope arrives in the Forrester office where Liam and Steffy are talking. Steffy wants their children to be close since they share the same father. She and Liam will be great co-parents, but she’s making a new life for herself. They all agree they can make this happen. Liam’s amazed by Steffy; he’s happy she’s doing what she thinks is right and hopes she finds what she’s looking for because she deserves it. Hope wonders what about Steffy’s happiness? She’ll be fine. After, Liam tells Hope that Steffy really does want this. Hope prefers not to wear Steffy’s engagement ring. Liam takes it. Hope produces her own ring and asks him to put it on her if he chooses to fully commit to her. Steffy watches unseen, and chokes back tears, as Liam proposes on bended knee and Hope accepts.

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