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At Bill’s place, he acknowledges that getting Liam’s forgiveness will be a long process…maybe lifelong. Liam agrees. Bill sees the error of his ways now and just hopes Liam can let go of his hatred toward him. He sighs that ‘family first’ has always been his motto. Liam points out he’s been so obsessed with Steffy he’s forgotten about Will, who he hasn’t seen in over a month. Bill murmurs, “I lost my way.” He urges Liam not to hate him as he hated his father. “You’ll turn out like me, and I don’t want that for you.” Talk turns to Liam’s future. Liam feels Bill has no right to ask about Hope and Steffy, but he promises to be a better father than Bill’s been to him and Wyatt.

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In the Forrester Creations boardroom, Ridge and Steffy admire Kelly on her phone. Ridge wants everything for that little girl, and for Steffy. He wonders if this is what she really wants. Steffy tells Ridge he’s the number one man in her life for now, and Liam will always be there for Kelly. In the design office, Emma rants about Zoe to Hope, Maya and Thorne. Pam listens in as Emma asks them not to hire Zoe for the good of the company and warns she’s trouble.

At Zoe’s apartment, she talks about how much Harry the cat loved Xander and tears up at how empty her bed will feel without him. Xander holds her close, and then they share a kiss. She wonders if he feels guilty; he doesn’t, but should get back to his meeting. Zoe relays that Emma wanted her to turn down Thorne’s offer and even gave her an ultimatum – she may not be as sweet as he thinks.

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Zoe arrives at Forrester Creations and tells Pam her cat died. Pam hugs her and shows her a photo of her late Doberman, Tiny. Zoe relays that Xander was with her. Pam doesn’t think Emma will be happy about that, and confides she overheard Emma telling Hope and Thorne she should be fired. In the studio, Xander tells Emma that he was with Zoe – their cat died – he was glad he could be there for Zoe. Emma reminds him she’s a stalker, and now she’s working here. Xander hopes they can all get along. He gives Emma a peck and runs off. Upstairs, Ridge and Hope agree on hiring Zoe before switching gears to Liam. Hope notes he has two families, but has chosen to be with her. In the boardroom, Liam and Steffy discuss Kelly and agree they’ll always love each other. Liam shares he warned Bill to stay away from her. She’s surprised to hear Bill apologized. They rehash the outcome of their love triangle. Steffy states their chapter is over; to be put away and remembered. Liam asks if she’s really ready for that. Elsewhere, Xander meets Maya and Thorne to resume their meeting. Maya warns Emma tried to get Zoe fired. In the studio, Emma’s sorry about Zoe’s cat. Zoe says the job’s all she has now and confronts Emma about trying to get her fired.

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