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Bill is surprised to see Liam on his doorstep. He invites him in, and Liam ruminates about his father alienating everyone except maybe Will. He notes Bill took a wrecking ball to his life – karma’s a bitch. Liam knows Steffy shut Bill down and he’s proud of her. He goes on to taunt Bill for becoming obsessed with Steffy over one night together and declares that she is off-limits. Bill looks downcast as Liam suggests he find someone his own age, and who hasn’t given birth to his grandchild. Liam rants that Steffy’s too good for him. Bill agrees – she is too good for him, and Liam is too. Bill acknowledges that something happened to him – Justin warned he was obsessed and going down a dark path, but he wouldn’t listen. Steffy’s lost to him, Wyatt’s guard is up, and Liam can’t stand him – he’s become his father. Liam isn’t comforted by Bill’s assurance that he genuinely loved Steffy. Bill notes he should have respected her love for Liam, and their family. He’s his father…something he swore he’d never become. Bill, emotional, offers a sincere apology. He hopes maybe Liam can forgive him eventually; that they could be father and son again.

In Zoe’s apartment, she’s unable to rouse her ailing cat.

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In the Forrester Creations boardroom, Steffy and Ridge discuss their love for Kelly. Ridge is glad Steffy’s back to being the courageous woman they know and love, but he has concerns. In the design office, Hope updates Maya, Thorne, and Xander that she and Liam are getting married; for real this time. Thorne relays that he hired Zoe as a model. Hope wonders how Xander feels about it. Xander says she won’t let the company down. After, he gets a call from a tearful Zoe that their cat is barely breathing. He agrees to meet her at the animal hospital. Back in the boardroom, Steffy tells Ridge she wants to be the best possible role model for Kelly. He worries there’s a catch with Bill’s shares – with Spencer there are always strings. Steffy assures him she has the shares free and clear. They rehash her nearly marrying Bill. Ridge asks if she’s ready to close the door on her soulmate, Liam. In the design office, Hope and Thorne tell Emma that Xander left to take a call from Zoe and never returned. The adults try to explain to Emma that relationships can be complicated. Emma’s concerned about Zoe working there. Hope and Thorne downplay Zoe’s posts and point out she deserves a second chance. Emma hopes they change their minds about hiring her.

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At Zoe’s apartment, she and Xander are home from the animal hospital; she’s distraught that their baby is gone. Xander holds her. He offers to put their pet’s things away for her. Zoe thanks him for taking care of her – she’s grateful. They recall bringing Harry home from the shelter and their deep love for him. Zoe cries and Xander embraces her again.

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