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In the design office at Forrester Creations, Hope tells her mother she won’t believe what just happened, and shows off her engagement ring. Brooke squeals and asks what Liam said when he put it on her finger. Brooke is stunned when Hope explains that Steffy was the one who put it there. Hope gushes that everything just magically fell into place. Brooke’s concerned – it’s Liam’s decision to make, not Steffy’s.

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In the Forrester Creations boardroom, Liam questions Steffy telling Hope she would be marrying him – that’s something he should have done, not her. Steffy reminds him he made his decision by kissing Hope at the fashion show, and she then made hers. Liam insists the call wasn’t hers to make. Steffy couldn’t wait for him to decide; she’s done and over it. Steffy knows he loves her and Kelly, and she’ll always love him, but must get on with her life. She invites him to continue working at Hope For the Future. Liam realizes she’s right, this was not just his decision to make, and it was selfish of him to make her wait – he respects her decision. He guesses he wasn’t ready to feel what he’s feeling right now. Steffy goes, and Hope joins Liam to discuss the unexpected matchmaking. Liam thinks the move with the ring took it too far. Hope thinks they belong together and deserve this chance. She asks, “Is this what you want?”

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In the Forrester Creations studio, Emma fumes in the clothes rack as Zoe hugs Xander in excitement over Thorne offering her a modeling job. She listens as Zoe asks Xander to be happy for her. After, in the upstairs corridor, Emma questions Thorne about hiring Zoe – she’s Xander’s ex-girlfriend! Thorne informs Emma she’ll have to put her personal feelings aside. Still in the studio, Zoe tells Xander she has to explore this opportunity and can’t leave Los Angeles now. Xander’s worried about how Emma will react – he’d like them to all get along. Zoe snarks about them being the three Musketeers, then turns serious – she wants to do this job and stay in L.A…with him. After, Thorne joins Zoe to explain she’ll model for Steffy’s lingerie line. Zoe feels it’s a perfect fit. Thorne leaves, and Emma appears. She’s not interested in congratulating Zoe, and recaps that Xander came to Los Angeles to get away from her – she expects Zoe to tell Thorne she doesn’t want the job. Zoe is unmoved. Emma announces she and Xander have kissed – they’re dating. Zoe laughs and informs Emma that she and Xander had a mature relationship. Emma demands again that she leave. Zoe asks, “Or what?” Meanwhile, Xander finds Thorne in the design office and says Zoe will do a great job, but he’s concerned about Emma. Thorne reveals she knows, and isn’t pleased.

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