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At Forrester Creations, Ridge tells Steffy how proud he is of her. Liam arrives in time to hear that Bill gave her his Forrester shares, and exclaims, “That’s a hell of a wedding gift.” Ridge leaves them to talk. Steffy informs Liam she didn’t marry his father. Liam grins in relief. Steffy explains she didn’t love Bill the right way, and is ready to start living her life again – alone. She clarifies that Bill gave her the shares knowing there was no chance for them – she only wants Liam – but they hurt each other, so she’s stepping back. Steffy recognizes he’s in an impossible position and is removing herself from the equation. Kelly comes first. If Liam wants to be with Hope, he should. In the design office, Ridge finds Brooke with Hope, wondering how Liam will react to the news Steffy’s still single. Ridge says she’s telling him now – he’s probably smiling. Brooke urges Hope to join Liam and Steffy and fight for her future. In the studio, Thorne raves to Xander about the buzz surrounding Zoe, and asks if Xander thinks she’s dangerous. Xander doesn’t; deep down Zoe’s a good person. Thorne exits when Emma appears. Xander notices she’s in a good mood. She has her dream job and his possessive ex-girlfriend’s on her way home – life’s good! Xander looks concerned. In the boardroom, Hope joins Liam and Steffy, who explains their fighting over Liam has caused a lot of pain – she won’t go through it again. Steffy always thought she was better for him, but he wants Hope. Hope looks wary as she congratulates them – they’ll have a great life and a beautiful family together. In the design office, Ridge and Brooke debate about what decisions will be reached. Back in the boardroom, Hope agrees with Steffy their children need adults they can count on; their mothers weren’t the greatest examples for them. Steffy feels they need to do better. She removes the ring Liam gave her and offers it to Hope. Liam says, “Wait, Steffy…” But she places it on Hope’s finger and urges her to be Liam’s bride – it’s the way it’s meant to be. Hope and Liam are astonished. Hope hugs Steffy, then Liam.

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Thorne arrives at Zoe’s apartment, where she’s packing, and says, “London’s calling.” Thorne replies, “So is Forrester,” and wants to convince her to stay. He admires her gutsy move on the runway and thinks she deserves a second-chance. “Take a break from packing and come to Forrester with me.”

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Thorne returns to Forrester Creations’ studio, where Xander’s surprised to see Zoe with him. Thorne surprises them both by offering her a job as a Forrester model. Zoe enthusiastically accepts and throws her arms around Xander…as Emma walks in.

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