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At Brooke’s place, she’s aghast when Hope tells her that Steffy went straight to Bill after seeing her with Liam. Hope shares that she’s wearing Bill’s necklace and plans to marry him. Hope thinks it speaks to their relationship. Brooke wishes Ridge could see it that way. Hope reports that Liam seems to have washed his hands of the matter. Brooke muses about what this could mean for them. Hope’s unsure Steffy will go through with it, but Brooke’s certain there’s a clear path for Liam and Hope. She thinks their child will be blessed – might even run for the presidency one day. Brooke says Hope and Liam will be husband and wife, and urges her daughter to embrace it.

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At Wyatt’s beach house, Ridge wants to know what Liam’s doing about Steffy. Liam exclaims that she’s gone to the dark side and is even wearing the sword necklace. Ridge angrily suggests if Liam doesn’t like it he should get going and do something to stop it! He complains that Steffy’s messed up because Liam broke her heart and her spirit. Liam grumps that she broke his heart first. Ridge keeps ranting – she would never have been with Bill had he not made out with someone else, and once again, he was caught making out with someone else. “Take some responsibility and fight for your little girl!” Liam ponders if he really wants Bill raising his daughter. Ridge urges Liam to stand up and stop Steffy from making the biggest mistake of her life. “Do something before it’s too late.”

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A driver for Bill arrives at Steffy’s door – Bill wants to see her.

At Bill’s place, Justin wants to know what Bill’s rush is to marry Steffy – is he afraid she’ll change her mind? Bill’s not taking any chances. Steffy arrives, and Justin’s dismissed. Bill reveals he wants to get married today, though he knows a bunch of people will advise her not to do it. Bill takes her upstairs, and surprises her with a beautiful nursery for Kelly. Steffy’s wedding dress hangs in the room. Bill says they’ll be married downstairs. He won’t let her down, and she and Kelly will want for nothing. “You’ll have my heart, you’ll have all of me.” Steffy gets confirmation that he wants them more than profit-margins and his skyscraper. Bill assures her nothing compares to what he’s shared with her. He cautions her about listening to her father or going back to Liam – he chose Hope. Bill wants to give Steffy what she’s given him, and doesn’t want to waste another moment. Back in the living room, Bill would like to get married, right there, right now. He feels it’s time Steffy takes her place as the matriarch of the Forrester family, and soon the Spencer family as well. Bill presses her to go put on the dress, and they’ll become the most amazing couple the world has known.

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